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SmartAX MA5612/MA5616 Remote ONUs

Flexible Optical Network Units (ONUs), configurable for POTS, Passive Optical Network (PON), and high-density broadband services. Comprehensive QoS features enable remote O&M, automated provisioning, upgrades, and real-time fault detection and response.

Four upstream slots can be used for 2 x Gbit/s PON, or 2 x optical GE, or 1 each optical GE and Gbit/s PON; also supports combination boards for higher density downstream access.

Choose the SmartAX MA5612 ONUs for POTS and Gbit/s optical services with carrier-grade reliability.

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Versatile, remote ONUs configurable for multiple port types and services including FTTC and FTTB broadband, and enterprise leased lines over Passive Optical Networking

High user density and multiple service provisioning capabilities by providing 4 service slots, and supporting POTS, ADSL2+, VDSL2, and FE ports. The MA5616 supports the vectoring function to expand VDSL2 bandwidth for VDSL2 line acceleration

Supports flexible service configurations: Service boards can be inserted in any slot. Various types of ports can be flexibly configured for multiple applications. Also supports combo boards to effectively improve access density, save equipment room space, and simplify cable layout

High-efficiency remote OAM, including configuration, automatic commissioning, plug and play, acceptance, upgrade, fault detection, and maintenance


Specifications MA5612 MA5616
Dimensions (H x W x D) 43.6 mm x 442 mm x 245 mm 88.1 mm x 442 mm x 245 mm
Operating Environment –40°C to 65°C
5% RH to 95% RH
–40°C to 65°C
5% RH to 95% RH
Power AC: 110V/220V
DC: –48V
AC: 110V/220V
DC: –48V
Network-side Ports Available configuration modes:
2 x GPON
2 x GE (optical)
1 x GE (optical) + 1 x GPON
Available configuration modes:
CCUE: GPON/GE, 1 x GE (electrical or optical)
CCUD: 1 x GPON, 1 x GE (electrical)
User-side Ports GE, FE, POTS, and E1 ADSL2+, VDSL2, POTS, G.SHDSL, E1, ISDN, FE, and GE
Surge Protection Power: 6 kV
GE/FE: 4 kV
POTS: 4 kV
Power: 6 kV
GE/FE: 4 kV
POTS: 4 kV

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