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FusionInsight LibrA: PB-level Enterprise Data Warehouse

FusionInsight LibrA is an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database from Huawei, dedicated to providing easy-to-use, reliable solutions for enterprise data warehouses, data marts, and mass structured data analysis.

LibrA uses the Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture, supports both row-storage and column-storage, and is capable of processing petabytes of data. Its core technologies provide huge advantages over traditional databases, achieving high performance in data analysis for users in various industries. LibrA strongly supports database warehouses, data marts, Business Intelligence (BI) systems, and decision support systems.

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Large-scale data analysis and extensive support for a range of complex systems

Teradata and Oracle migration tools:Smooth migration for agile business roll out

Quick import: Hundreds of terabytes of data imported in parallel within 24 hours

Quick response: Parallel executors rapidly handle petabytes of data; hybrid row/column storage tailored to point queries + complex analysis

Scalability: Scale-out for higher capacity/performance; no service interruption

Enterprise-level HA: Primary/standby hand-off and multi-active CNs

Security: Data is safeguarded using comprehensive security assurance mechanisms

Full-text search: Fuzzy search using standard SQL to “google” texts

SQL On Hadoop: Access and handle Hadoop data using standard SQL


Data Capacity

4 PB

Number of Physical Nodes in a Cluster


Number of Logical Nodes in a Cluster


Single Table Size

1 PB

Size of Data in Each Row

1 GB

Size of a Column in Each Record

1 GB

Number of Records in Each Table

248or approximately 282 trillion

Number of Columns in Each Table


Number of Columns in Each Table


Number of Concurrent Connections


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