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FusionModule1000A All-in-One Container Data Center

The FusionModule1000A all-in-one container data center solution functions as a foundation for cloud computing in enterprise data centers. It meets the requirements for environmental protection, energy conservation, and fast deployment. In addition, it has distinct advantages in scenarios such as disaster relief operations, military operations, oil exploration, and enterprise data management.

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Build your data center in just one week

Simple: Prefabricated and pre-tested; highly integrated, one container is an entire data center facility; easy on-site work, saving 80% deployment time

Efficient:High energy efficiency, PUE down to 1.5 (tested in Shenzhen); high efficiency O&M, saving 10% TCO at least

Reliable:High environment adaption helps businesses operate stably; IP55 external protection level and 9 degree anti-seismic intensity performance





Dimensions (L x W x H)

12,192 mm x 2,438 mm x 2,896 mm

6,068 mm x 2,438 mm x 2,896 mm

IT Load

48 kW

24 kW

Cabinets Capacity

8 IT cabinets, 360U

4 IT cabinets, 180U

Power Input Format

380V/50 Hz, 380V/60 Hz, 480V/60 Hz

380V/50 Hz, 380V/60 Hz, 480V/60 Hz

Power Density

6 kW/rack

6 kW/rack

UPS Configuration

20 kVA, 3+1 redundancy

20 kVA, 2+1 redundancy

Battery Backup Time

7 minutes to 10 minutes

10 minutes

Cooling Configuration

20 kW, 3+1 redundancy

20 kW, 2+1 redundancy




Fire Extinguishing System



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