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FusionModule2000 Series Modular Data Center

Huawei FusionModule2000 is a next-generation modular data center solution with a complete integration of cabinets, power supply and distribution, cooling, cabling, management and other subsystems. It supports flexible deployment with single or dual row, cold or hot aisle containment. The maximum IT power density is 21 kW/rack.

Single modules can be applied to small to medium data centers (total IT load ≤ 128 kW, area ≤ 300m2).

Multiple modules can be used to construct a large data center to meet the requirement of large enterprises and government, finance and other industries.

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The efficient modular design of Huawei’s FusionModule2000 series modular data center enables quick deployment with high scalability

Reliable: Dehumidifying at low load rate down to 10%, ensuring the safe operation of IT equipment; excellent environment adaptability, stable operations under extreme conditions;circuit breaker with temperature monitoring and pre-alarm function, along with battery failure auto-shutdown function can reduce power-off rate by 50%

Efficient: Closely coupled cooling, efficient power system, PUE down to 1.45; aisle containment andseparated hot and cold air, eliminating hotspots; integrated high efficiency UPS power system

Simple: Standardized devices, modular architecture, on-demand deployment; integrated power supply and distribution, saving 1 IT to 2 IT cabinet spaces; remote and local intelligent management, mobile O&M





1.2m single-row cold/hot aisle containment (L x W x H): L x 2.4m x 2m L ≤ 15m;L x 2.3m x 2m L ≤ 15m; L x 2.4m x 2.2m L ≤ 15m

Dual-row cold/hot aisle containment (L x W x H): L x 3.6m x 2m L ≤ 15m; L x 3.4m x 2m L ≤ 15m; L x 3.6m x 2.2m L ≤ 15m

Number of IT Cabinets in a Single Module

Single-row: 2 to 24
Dual-row: 6 to 48

Input Power

208V or 220V (three-phase, 60 Hz)

380V, 400V, or 415V (three-phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz)

IT Power Consumption

208V: 1 kW to 80 kW

380V: 1 kW to 145 kW

Power Density of a Single Cabinet

21 kW/rack


Tier II or Tier III (up to Tier IV)


Up to 1,000m (derated above 1,000m)

Installation Method

Installed on concrete or raised floor

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