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iManager NetEco6000 Data Center Management System

Huawei NetEco6000 is a data center management system for ISPs, operators, banks, government, large cloud data centers, vertical and financial systems, rail transportation, and other data center management scenarios.  

NetEco6000 supports remote management and local mobile O&M for easy control.

NetEco6000 provides a platform that enables flexible configuration, expansion, hierarchical management, and centralized power monitoring. It provides App management, energy management, capacity management, and work order management. Users can easily view real-time status updates for data center equipment, which helps customers achieve easy operation and maintenance.

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Simple, efficient, and reliable data center management


Simple delivery: Pre-installation automatically uploads device parameters, 90% reduced debugging time

Simple usage: Scenario-specific UI design, simple web interface and App, simple operation

Simple expansion: Online expansion


Efficient resource usage: Asset life-cycle management, balanced power planning, full utility from capacity resources in the data center

Efficient O&M: Remotely updates device software, automatically filters invalid alarms, guides maintenance processes, automatically publishes maintenance reports


Reliable data center: Collects data every second, pre-alarm for components, fast fault detection

Reliable system: Data encryption during analysis, transmission and storage, reinforcement design of OS and DB, anti-virus and vulnerability scanning tests




System Capacity

RH2288 simple configuration

RH2288 medium configuration

RH5885 high configuration

500 smart nodes, 20,000 parameters

1,000 smart nodes, 100,000 parameters

5,000 smart nodes, 400,000 parameters

Platform Function

B/S, online help

Networking Solution

IP Networking

Southbound Interface

SNMP, Modbus, etc.

Northbound Interface

SNMP, Webservice, C interface, etc.


Maximum support 20 RS485 communication interfaces or 128 AI/DI access (chosen Independent Deployment AI/DI Module)

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