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eLTE Rapid Deployment Broadband Trunking System

The eLTE Rapid Deployment Broadband Trunking System integrates the functions of a Core Network (CN) device, base station, and dispatching system into a compact chassis. Ideal for rapid deployment in the field where limited coverage area is sufficient.

eLTE core network functions — dispatcher, RF transmitter, antennae, and power supply — are included and preconfigured for quick and easy installation.

Use where the public communication network is down or signals are weak during events or in emergency situations.

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Build a wireless network rapidly with Huawei’s portable, always-ready eLTE Rapid Broadband Trunking System

Preconfigured components allow operators to quickly deploy an entire broadband trunking system in minutes — including satellite uplinks, connections to monitoring centers, and to wired and radio subnets

Easy to store and transport to any location, the eLTE Rapid system can be carried by vehicle or on foot in backpack configuration

Full LTE functions are supported from those of a fixed enterprise base station, including trunking and transmission of data and HD video

Use satellite, radio, wired network, and other wireless communications quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively



eLTE Rapid

Main Box


RF Box

Select based on the frequency


Software is mandatory while hardware is optional

Power Supply Box


Antenna Box

Select based on the application scenario

Vehicle-mounted Accessories


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