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eA280 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

The Huawei eA280 CPE is a Long Term Evolution (LTE) customer-premises equipment (CPE). As a wireless gateway, the eA280 can be deployed indoors to provide services such as data collection and video surveillance.

The eA280 supports LTE Release 11/12, providing functions such as data service, voice service, security service, local and remote maintenances and management, and data routing.

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High-performance LTE gateway with Wi-Fi

High performance: eA280 is a new-generation CPE, supporting LTE Category 12 in the uplink and LTE Category 13 in the downlink. It also supports 2CC CA, 4 x 4 MIMO, UL 64QAM, and other advanced features.

Rich functions: including2.4/5.8G Wi-Fi access, and supporting VoIP, L2VPN, soft SIM card, remote WEB management and other functions, satisfying the needs of the industry customers.





LTE Working frequency band

2300 to 2400 MHz (Band 40)
2570 to 2620 MHz (Band 38)
2496 to 2690 MHz (Band 41)
2500 to 2570 MHz (Band 7 UL)
2620 to 2690 MHz (Band 7 DL)
3400 to 3600 MHz (Band 42)
3600 to 3800 MHz (Band 43)

452.5MHz ~ 457.5MHz (Band 31 UL)
462.5 MHz~ 467.5MHz (Band 31 DL)

Wi-Fi Working frequency band

2.400 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz
WLAN: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

External interface

1 power port

1 telephone port (RJ11): bound with one telephone number

2 LAN ports (RJ45)

1 USB 2.0 slave port (for maintenance only)

1 micro-SIM slot

Power consumption

< 12 W

Power supply

AC: 100 V to 240 V

DC: 12 V/2 A

Dimensions (D×H)

95 mm x 210 mm


About 530 g (power adapter excluded)

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