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MAX PRESENCE Immersive Telepresence System

Bring lifelike video conferencing and surveillance applications to large conference rooms with Huawei’s cinematic-quality HD multimedia MAX PRESENCE system.

IP-based multi-channel communications enable sharing of video, voice, and data in real-time, bringing the power of next-generation ICT solutions to science, industry, and government.

High-resolution video captured by infinite-depth-of field cameras is displayed on 10 x 70-inch HD displays combined into 1 ultra-wide screen; Huawei’s patented image-splicing technology creates seamless panoramic video — bigger than life and crystal clear. Get Pricing / Info

Turbocharge your organization for better collaboration and effective information sharing with Huawei’s panoramic, ultra-wide video conferencing system

Supports massive communication and collaboration in real time among unlimited sources including enterprise branches globally, video surveillance systems, mobile monitoring devices, and emergency vehicles

Powerful “Multi-in-One” telepresence engine supports up to 3 x HD video and content streams, implementing High Profile (HP) Scalable Video Coding (SVC) to ensure smooth, high-fidelity video, rich media, and data

Use of Huawei 3-in-1 panoramic cameras and patented image-splicing technology enable 10 x 70-inch HD displays to be combined into 1 ultra-wide display with superior Depth of Field (DoF) for cinema-quality, fully immersive experience

Full IPv4 and IPv6 support for easy expansion and upgrades





Co-optical-center camera (2/3 sensor)




10 x 70-inch displays

User Interface

10-inch touch panel

Video Standards and Protocols

H.263/H263+, H.264 BP, H.264 HP, and H.264 SVC

Video Resolution

1080p60 + 1080p60

Audio Standards and Protocols

AAC-LD, G.722, G.711, and G.728

Minimum Room Dimension Requirements

(H x W x D)

3,000 mm x 7,800 mm x 15,000 mm

Recommended Room Dimension Requirements

(H x W x D)

3,200 mm x 13,000 mm x 17,200 mm

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