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TP3106-70/TP3206-65 Immersive Telepresence

Huawei’s TP3106-70/TP3206-65 telepresence systems create an immersive, true-to-life size, across-the-table conference experience for six participants. 

With Huawei’s newly designed codec, patented panoramic camera, and three 70-inch or 65-inch HD displays, the TP3106-70/TP3206-65 sets a new standard for telepresence. The system provides three data displays, multiple-channel audio for sound localization, and intelligent video enhancement, all to ensure both audio and visual quality, as well as user convenience.

For a fraction of what your enterprise spends on travel, the TP3106-70/TP3206-65 brings people who are geographically separated together as a single team.

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Eliminate the distance between people in your enterprise with Huawei’s immersive telepresence system

The industry-leading Telepresence engine: Three-in-one integrated codec, powerful encoding and decoding capability, ultra-low bandwidth, and resilience to packet loss

3 x 70-inch (TP3106-70)/3 x 65-inch (TP3206-65) displays provide life-size and ultra-HD experience

3 x 22-inch tabletop displays support 1080p60 HD content

Supports up to six people for a video conference and ten people for a local conference

Standing and sitting mode enabled, displaying full-length images of standing participants

Easy-to-use 10-inch PAD with GUI






Panoramic camera (1/1.7 sensor)

Panoramic camera (1/1.7 sensor)





3 x 70-inch LED

3 x 65-inch LED

Data Collaboration

3 x 22-inch LCD displays

3 x 22-inch LCD displays


3 Sound Track Speakers

3 Sound Track Speakers


6 mic Array

6 mic Array

User Interface

10-inch touch panel

10-inch touch panel

Video Resolution

1080p60 + 1080p60

1080p60 + 1080p60

Minimum Room Dimension Requirements

26.2 m2 (6.4m x 4.1m)

22.1 m2 (5.4m x 4.1m)

Power Consumption

< 1.59 kW

< 1.58 kW

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