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TP3206-55 Panovision Telepresence System

With crystal clear video and audio, Huawei's TP3206-55 feels like everyone is participating in a live meeting by using multiple panoramic displays and three-channel audio.

The system creates an immersive experience with three 55-inch HD displays and three additional tabletop displays for sharing presentations, plus a patented panoramic camera, and Huawei’s newly designed codec. TP3206-55 requires surprisingly little network bandwidth thanks to a combination of intelligent video enhancement with compression technology.

Collaborate more efficiently with distant enterprise offices while reducing travel expenses with this exceptional telepresence system.

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Get a panoramic meeting experience in a system that fits your conference room

Huawei’s Video Motion Enhancement (VME) 2.0 technology selectively enhances important details such as faces, while Super Error Correction (SEC) technology makes the system highly tolerant of packet loss

Support for industry-standard compression, encryption, and interfacing protocols including Telepresence Interoperability Protocol, TIP, ensures security and enables the TP3206-55to work with a variety of other mainstream telepresence systems

Three 55-inch narrow-bezel HD displays show a conference panorama, and three 22-inch tabletop displays show presentations at a resolution of 1080p60, while a 10-inch touch panel provides an intuitive user interface

Versatile setup accommodates six video conference participants and 10 people for a local conference





Co-optical-center camera (2/3 sensor)




Three 55-inch LED-lit LCDs

Data Collaboration

Three 22-inch LCD displays


Three-sound-track speakers


Six microphones

User Interface

10-inch touch panel

Video Resolution

1080p60 + 1080p60

Minimum Room Dimension Requirements

20m2 (4.89m x 4.09m)

Power Consumption

<1.5 kW

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