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UC Audio Recorder

Huawei’s UC Audio Recorder offers fast, reliable audio backup for your unified communication systems. It lets you back up voice and data recordings to network storage devices in real time or during off-peak hours. This recorder also backs up large-capacity unified communications solutions (up to 256 concurrent recordings per audio recorder).

As a vital component of Huawei’s Unified Communications Solution, the recorder uses advanced streaming media to help you transition from traditional to IP-based, unified solutions that integrate voice and data networks.

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Huawei’s UC Audio Recorder backs up your IP-based, Unified Communications Solution with reliable call recording

Unified configuration, management, and maintenance guarantee performance of large-traffic systems

Assures security with 3 types of audio streaming encryption methods and hot-standby redundancy for core components

Multiple-level storage for backup of data to another network storage device for additional security

A pure software approach to processing data for seamless expansion of recorder capacity and protects customer resources



UC Audio Recorder

Recording Mode

Automatic and manual


Encryption of recorded files using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), with key length of 128 bits

System Capacity

Concurrent 256 recording channels per eSpace Audio Recorder; concurrent 2,000 recording channels per cluster system


Clustering for load balancing

Deployment Mode

Single-node system or clustering

Recording Backup

Backup of recorded files and indexes; bi-directional, real-time backup between two active-active, geographically redundant nodes

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