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[Administrator] Administrator what does it mean

2018-01-12 12:30:15

Administrator Administrator account for computer security plays a big role, many hackers are stealing Administrator Administrator account to invasion of other computer or server with Administrator Administrator account for computers have the highest administrative authority, so as long as access to the Administrator account, you can get any information in a computer, so generally pay attention to the account in the fields of both server is very safe.

: administrator administrator account is introduced at first in the DOS operating system s, rarely use this word, but in Windows NT and Windows series following system began to use "Administrator"The user name as the default system administrator, then in order to save trouble, simple acronym "Admin"Slowly the software to a variety of certification using "Admin", "Administrator", "Guest"As a software such as word the default user name.

administrator shorthand is Admin, Chinese means "The system administrator ".The so-called "The super user ".administratorIs the person in authority is not controlled computer: every computer installed XP system, in your new account, will automatically create a administrator management computer (domain) built-in accounts, it is usually hidden, it is a computer administrator, has calculated the highest authority management and we are in a new account it derived. Its use is mainly used when cannot solve the problem under the common account, will enter the administrator account, where any account operations are allowed (usually in the boot in safe mode always click F8, select safe mode, you can enter the computer maintenance. When used). It's the default password is empty, you can set a password in the control panel - user account, recommended to set a password in the.

after landing the user interface, press Ctrl+Alt+ Del, can play Open the user login box, input administrator and password (if no password without input) you can enter the administrator account.

Administrator is generally referred to as admin, meaning to the administrator, many management systems, such as router login, website management login general default settings for admin, mainly because of this universal marker, can also be Administrator the administrator account name change into other names in your computer, this system will be safer, but there is no need for individual users, mainly for the server, the high security requirements of the occasion is recommended.

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