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[WLAN from the introduction to the master of the network rules] The twenty-first period -AP selectio

2018-01-26 11:51:45

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Suggested device

Recommended average bandwidth per terminal

Recommended number of concurrent terminals per AP

Installation Suggestions

Video Surveillance, Long Distance Return

802.11ac Series


802.11ac Wave2 Series


1Mbit / s ~ 8Mbit / s

In P2MP mode:

WDS scenario: The root AP can connect to up to six Leaf APs.

mesh scene: AP allows the maximum number of links set up to 32.

derrick installation, derrick requires the user to prepare.

nets gauge tip: according to actual needs,

workers can be results and network schemes to determine the antenna model.

to protect wireless network coverage, please avoid using outdoor AP signal through walls covered indoor solution.

when the AP to maximum power transmitting signal frequency, coverage is different also.Actual maximum power and comply with regulations differ for different countries and regions.

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