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100m broadband download speed is slow, 100m broadband download speed is very slow

2018-02-24 12:43:00

now friends often someone will send a red envelope, spell at this moment is the speed and hand speed.However, everyone's hand speed under the condition of same, speed becomes can get the red envelopes one of the most critical.Home network speed is fast, it's a great congenital conditions, able to quickly get the hair of a red envelope in the circle of friends.However, a lot of friends often reflect said, although the home broadband is 100 m, but the speed is very slow, it is how to return a responsibility?Today, small make up to you to summarize 100 m broadband download speed is slow, is all about.

check connection user

if already connected wireless routing device, it is possible to have another person to use some software to crack his password Settings, and then connect, also known as the "Ceng network ".The more devices connected to the same network, the network will become slower.The easiest way to solve this problem, is the number of connected devices can check your computer, if the number of connection is wrong, you can change the password of a wireless, again or limit the number of connected devices.

users in

broadband network slow great may be because of their own access to web site users surge happened.If there are a lot of people visit the same site at the same time, and the site server does not support so many number of users, so that it may lead to the site to crash, or speed slower.The solution is also very simple, as long as the use of other websites, to download, speed will be improved.

peak hours surfing the Internet

peak hours surfing the Internet is also one of the reasons for a slower speed.The greater the amount of network resources being used, each person's network also becomes relatively slower.With the number of users in a solution, it is ok to avoid the rush hour to get to the Internet.

computer issues

and a likely reason is that your computer's problem.If the computer at the same time run software too much, including in the background of automatic operation of the software, or have been open the antivirus software, etc., will take up computer internal memory and CPU to process.And computer internal processor capacity change is insufficient or CPU is not high, will lead to speed will slow down.

broadband download rate of

users access bandwidth refers to the user's broadband can support the highest information transmission bitrate, namely user access lines allow carry the highest IP data stream bitrate.

information transmission rate refers to the user terminal application (for example, a PC or a set-top box) and the application server, interactive information flow per unit time.

telecom provides concrete of all kinds of broadband access bandwidth rate of TDD (has) specific see chart.Uplink rate refers to the uplink up to speed, descending rate refers to the downward up to speed, the commonly used statistical unit is a bit (bits) per second (BPS), 1 MBPS = 1024 KBPS, 1 KBPS = 1024 BPS, a binary 1 bit (bit) said.

customers' Internet access speed depends on the client terminal processing performance, on the Internet all kinds of application server response processing performance, Internet data transmission performance, and other factors.Normal download rate refers to the corresponding access bandwidth under the condition of common circumstances can achieve customer download rate.Commonly used statistical unit in bytes per second (Byte/s), 1 Byte = 8 bits (one Byte is eight bits), thus:

8 BPS = 1 Byte/s, 1024 KBPS = 128 KB/s, 2048 KBPS = 256 KB/s, 2048 MBPS = 128 MB/s ("S"Said second) to note here is a transmission unit, B and B respectively represent the Byte and bit, the definition is different, can't confused.User access bandwidth can provide reference to the above-mentioned common broadband download speed range of preliminary diagnosis.If the local telecom test speed website broadband download rate is lower than the highest form of common download speed range, by zhejiang telecom business hall and online customer service hotline at 10000 for consultation or fault declaration.

100 m optical fiber and the difference between the 100 m broadband 100 broadband in terms of current technology can not reach 100 m.Transmission medium is different depending on the nature of the broadband and fiber.

broadband itself is on the way on the basis of the transmission line, the speed depends on the quality of the line equipment.And optical fiber is conducted by light transmission, basic no quality problem.Note:

ADSL's largest bandwidth for uplink 1.5 M downward maximum 8 M (theoretical) ADSL2 + maximum bandwidth of 20 M (theoretical) can be up to 55 M VDSL maximum downward (theoretical) VDSL2 + maximum downward can reach 100 M (theoretical)

at present China has yet to be able to reach 100 M optical fiber broadband equipment (civil) now, 100 M 1000 M are very common.

is more than the rabbit to summarize 100 m broadband download speed very slow for several reasons, we can according to the several reasons for this are try, find your broadband problems, and then suit the remedy to the case, to solve their problem solving.

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