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1394 acquisition card installation steps, 1394 acquisition card uses what

2018-03-02 17:13:16

guide language: with the continuous development of science and technology, people have already entered the era of science and technology, our daily life a lot of products into electronic and science and technology.With cell phones and computers is electronic products, we often use these electronic products production needs a lot of equipment and devices.1394 acquisition card is an important device in a computer, 1394 acquisition card with USB connection, mainly to consumer electronics and computer connection between 1394 acquisition card below small make up to you to introduce the related knowledge.

1394 acquisition card introduction:

according to the 1394 acquisition card interface, follow the standard IEEE1394 bus and 1394 card is a standard computer interface card, and USB, is a bridge between physical consumer electronics and personal computers.With USB, through two serial bus module, 1394 will become a new PC structure module.Determined to be 400 MB/s, 800 MB/s, is expected to increase to 1.6 Gb/s, 3.2 Gb/s.Acquisition card installation steps: first, $

1394 and $

1 in the Windows operating system on your desktop right click on the "my computer" icon, then right-click menu select "properties" command, at this time, open the system properties dialog box, 】 in the dialog box, click the "hardware" TAB, switch to this TAB, then click the "device manager" "device manager" in the options area, open a "The device manager "Dialog box, in which you can see a 】 【 IEEE1394 bus controller option, this option is the IEEE 1394 driver.

2, if in view the 1394 bus controller, found that the hardware has a mistake, you can right-click on the equipment of 1394 calories, open up a shortcut menu, select the scanner hardware changes 】 【 command USES the computer to look for hardware, install the driver again.Acquisition card stacking features:


(1) the multimedia application of real-time data transmission.(2) the data rate of 100200,

& amp;400 mbits/s;The future of 800 mbits/s or Gbits/s.

(3) real-time data is not lost when the connected or disconnected or interrupt.

(4) support plug and play automatic configuration.

(5) real-time application of wide bandwidth.

(6) different generic connection devices and applications.

(7) to follow the IEEE1394 high-performance serial bus standard.

1394 acquisition card application:

1394 acquisition card is the IEEE standards organization to formulate a have video data transmission speed of serial interface standard.Like USB, 1394 acquisition card also supports peripherals hotplug, at the same time can provide power for peripherals, eliminating the peripherals built-in power supply, support synchronous data transmission.In the foreseeable future, USB and 1394 acquisition card will exist at the same time, provide different services, don't need high speed data transmission may still use the USB peripheral.In the end, the PC will use the USB serial port and 1394 collection card to handle all the external input and output, dramatically simplify the connection of PC peripherals.Is more than

small make up to introduce the related USES about 1394 acquisition card and installation characteristics such as the analysis of the knowledge, the use of 1394 acquisition card will our traditional electronic products and computer together, let our data can be Shared between electronics and computer to achieve, when we are in dealing with some information, make our work a lot of convenience, and our daily use of USB has a lot of similar degree, and 1394 acquisition card is widely used in our everyday life.

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