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150M wireless transmission, Mercury MW150R wireless router

2018-05-16 17:34:26

Bubble network wireless channel August 8th Mercury MW150R wireless router looks stable and generous, and supports IEEE802.11n standard, configure an external antenna, wireless transmission speed reaches 150M, more importantly, this router is very cost-effective High, only 99 yuan, interested friends may wish to look at.

The new look

The Mercury MW150R Flat and round, stable and generous, white matte texture body and low-key fusion of the gray state lamp panel, adding a visual sense of the product and fashion sense, the edge of the fuselage arc smooth and full design, the whole machine looks beautiful fashion. In addition, MW150R's fuselage at the bottom and around the distribution of a large number of exquisite cooling grille, effective product heat, to ensure the stable operation of the machine.

An External Antenna

Mercury The MW150R supports the IEEE802.11n standard. The body is equipped with an external antenna. The maximum wireless transmission speed can reach 150Mbps. CCA technology is used to effectively enhance the wireless performance. It provides an adaptive 10/100Mbps WAN port, 4 adaptive 10/100Mbps LAN ports, supports wireless and two access methods, and is easy to use.

Mercury Wireless Router Setup

Bottom Panel

In terms of security, the Mercury MW150R supports active wireless encryption reminders. When users connect to an external network, the Mercury MW150R will automatically pop up a prompt box to remind users to encrypt wirelessly and stop malicious malicious networks. In addition, the MW150R also supports WPS. One-click setting wireless security, set wireless security faster.

Mercury MW150R

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