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2018-01-19 14:32:09

This paper introduces the router login setting method." routers "In fact this term is not rigorous, because just login address of the router, rather than the brand name.Common with as the login address of the router brand has huawei, totolink, etc., in order to better help you, let's huawei routers, for example, to demonstrate the specific login setting method.After

the weight of a brand-new or restore the factory Settings of huawei routers to realize normal access to the Internet, need to go through the following four steps, respectively is: 1, correct installation router;2, set up the computer IP address (automatically obtain IP address);3, the router Internet Settings;4, to test whether the router set successfully.The following steps detailed explain for everybody.

in the first step in

correct installation router router electricity situation, with a network cable to connect to the router on any LAN (1/2/3/4) interface with the computer, with another cable connection (cat) or optical fiber cat and ADSL Modem router WAN port.If everyone's broadband access way is directly enter a string, then the cable directly connected to the router's WAN port.After the success of the installation, during normal working state indicator SYS flashing, WAN port normally on or flashing, LAN1 LAN2 / LAN3 mouth is connected to a computer port normally on or flashing.

the second step, set up computer IP address (to be automatic access to the IP address),

before the router Settings, need to set the IP address of the computer to automatically obtain, as shown in the figure below.General computer default is automatically obtain IP address, but to be on the safe side, we recommend you check the Settings;If you don't know how to set up, you can refer to the tutorial: ->->How to set computer IP address to automatically obtain the third step, Internet access, a router, set up


in the browser input: press enter, log in to the router Settings interface (a lot of other types of huawei routers to input correct password, the password for the admin), the following graph:

2, in the router Settings interface, find and click in the left navigation bar "The Internet Settings ", "Networking way "A: "ADSL dial-up ", "Dynamic IP", "Static IP"Three options.Many users don't know how to option here, actually "Networking way "Is determined by the user to deal with the types of broadband, below small make up to introduce how to correctly choose the way to the Internet.

(1), "ADSL dial-up "(the most common type of Internet connection) after

if deal with broadband broadband business, broadband operators to provide the broadband, broadband account password to you, and when did not use routers, computers need to use "Broadband connection "Dial-up (or similar), fill in the broadband dial-up Internet access account, password.If your broadband is consistent with the described above, "Networking way "You should choose: "ADSL dial-up "--->Then fill out broadband operators offer broadband, broadband account password.(currently more than 90% of the users to deal with broadband are "ADSL dial-up "On the Internet.Finally set huawei router wireless wifi password, set to end, finally click "Identify "Button, that is, complete online configuration of huawei routers.

(2), "Dynamic IP"

in the case of no use routers to broadband lines connected to the computer can surf the Internet.Is that your broadband type: "Automatically obtain IP address ".By this time please "Networking way "Options: "Dynamic IP"Can.Finally set huawei router wireless wifi password, set to end, finally click "Identify "Button, that is, complete online configuration of huawei routers.

(3), "Static IP"After

if dealt with broadband, broadband operators to provide you with a fixed IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS address;And when did not use routers, need in local computer connection (Ethernet), fill in the IP address information, and then a computer can surf the Internet.As shown in the figure below:

at this time please "Networking way "Options: "Static IP"--->Then fill out the IP address of the broadband operators, subnet mask, gateway and DNS server address.Finally set huawei router wireless wifi password, set to end, finally click "Identify "Button, that is, complete online configuration of huawei routers.

the fourth step, check to see if the router Settings successful

if set interface "Networking status "Display "Has been connected to the Internet ", you can browse the web, surf the Internet.

warm prompt: the above is to the setting method for the login address huawei router login.If there are other computer need to get to the Internet, the computer directly to the receiving router LAN1 LAN2 / LAN3 any free interface, with reference to the second step change local connection to automatically obtain IP can, don't need to configure the router.

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