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2018-06-11 10:26:53

I. First, insert the cable from the telecommunication into the WAN port of the router and the LAN port of the computer into the router;

II. Set the IP address to (some in the computer. (The last address of this address is non-one), the subnet mask is, and the gateway is (some are,

3. Open IE after reboot. Enter or in the address bar. Type admin on the page that opens. Enter the password admin

www. , In the management page, select "Network Settings" under "Network parameters". If the network cable is directly connected to the home, select "Static IP" for "Type of WAN port connection" and the IP address and subnet provided by the service provider. Fill in the mask, gateway, DNS server, and backup DNS server.

5. If the phone line is connected to the home, dial up through the broadband cat and select “PPPoE” as the “WAN port connection type”. Enter the Internet account number and Internet access password provided by the service provider, and select "Automatically connect. Automatically connect after boot and disconnection."

6. Click "Save" to select page In the "DHCP server" area, click "Enable" and enter the starting address ( minimum) and the ending address ( maximum). The address lease will be filled directly with the maximum value, and then click "Save". After selecting the "Restart Router" under "System Tools" on the page, this completes the router setup.

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