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2018-06-19 13:51:43

[Article Summary] In the process of using the router, if your computer is using the Xp system, sometimes enter 192.168 in the address bar of the IE browser in the login wireless router settings interface. 1.1, there will be a dialog box that can't pop up the username and password. As a result, you won't be able to set up an online account and password. Please refer to the following methods to solve the problem of using the router in the process of using the Xp system. Sometimes when logging in to the wireless router settings interface, enter in the IE browser's address bar. A dialog box saying "Can't pop up the username and password" will appear, causing you to not set up an Internet account and Password, then please refer to the following methods to solve:

1. Check if IE is set up. If yes, please cancel. In the above image, click LAN Settings, as shown below:

2. Check whether the computer is connected to the LAN port (any one of the 1, 2, 3, and 4 ports) and whether the corresponding LED on the router is bright.

3. If you are a dial-up user, remove the broadband dial-up connection and select Never dial-up connection. Click on the browser inside the tool --- Internet options ---- connection, as shown below:

5. Restart the computer before attempting to log in to the management interface.

6. You can try resetting your router to its original settings.

7. If you modify the router management port, you should enter the port IP:port number when logging in.

Unable to bring up the Wireless Router Settings interface The user name and password dialogs are more complicated. There are many factors that can cause this problem. Everyone must pay careful attention to the process of using the router in peacetime. Observe and carefully find the problem and solve the problem is very simple.

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