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First said that each route is not the same as the account and password, then say it is to enter routing IP that is or next and other conditions are different Routing before, first of all, we should view the configuration to be used to manage the attributes of the router's computer network configuration

start the computer, right-click the desktop or "Start "The & in the otherOnline neighbors "Choose "Properties throughout the &;,

"note" should ignore other like "1394 connections throughout the &;, "Wireless Internet connection "And other links, only for "Local connection "To complete this operation.

right-click "Local connection "Choose "Properties throughout the &;, check "Internet protocol (TCP/IP) ", click "Properties throughout the &;:

is set to the computer "Automatically obtain IP address ", "Obtain DNS server address automatically "Click "Identify ":

and then right-click "Local connection "Select "State "To check "Support ":

"note" if the setting is correct, the type of address, subnet mask and default gateway should be the same as the above, the IP address is not necessarily, but should be 192.168.1. & times;(& times;As a value between 2 ~ 254),

5. Followed by ping in the DOS command line to test the computer connected to the router.

a) found "Start "- ->"Run ", type CMD, click "Identify ", open the DOS command line:

b). On the command line input "Ping "Then press enter, if display "The Reply from & hellip;& hellip;Throughout the &;Then the computer and the router is connected:

c). If the show other information, such as "The Request timed out"Represents a computer connected to the router's have other questions, please continue to see the following content.

yes, here is to remind you that IP set up network segments, can be set between, and do not set the same IP to multiple computers, which will cause IP conflict. Remember.

. Under

take one of the most commonly used routes as an example. Let's show that the router TPLINK is set to be patient with

Figure 6 open the Internet Explorer

of the desktop

here prompts the user name and password. The default username and password are admin. It is also written on the router's instructions. After entering, press enter to enter the router configuration interface.


note: the default IP of the tplink router is basically that the password is basically admin

The setup of the router set by the

TP-Link Router:

first entered the router interface, please look at the picture 7

Figure 7 enters the router interface

here we choose to set up the wizard. Look at the picture 8

figure 8 select setting wizard

then the next step, look at the picture 9

Figure 9 next step

Here is a selection of virtual dial-up ADSL, most of us are choosing it, the other is the static line selected by the user, we do not make a detailed introduction, know broadband users, Railcom, China Netcom and other virtual dial-up users, select it, then the next 10 please look at the picture.

Figure 10 next step

then point to the next step, see picture 11, you can set up a good route.

as you complete it

Figure 11 next step

then set in the point network parameters, WAN port settings, please look at the picture 12

Figure 12 network parameter

OK, here, all the configuration in the router is set up. Now we have to restart the router OK. Click the system tool, restart the router, it will be ready in a few seconds, please see the picture 13


Figure 13 restarting router

this time we turn off the configured web page window, and other computers will be able to access the.

Note: because the DHCP service of the router is automatically started, so if you connect the PC computer, the router will allocate IP and wait for the computer, so the other computers need not be set up, and directly connect to the router or switch with the Internet cable.

Details of the TP-Link router setup:

of course, can also set up IP:


The IP setting range:


The gateway:

- DNS: can be set to the local telecom to provide DNS, DNS and DNS

for standby

If does not know the local DNS address, you can also set the preferred DNS to the, which is the gateway, and the standby does not need to fill in the.

OK, now we need to set up the DNS address of the PC on the top. We don't say much about the DNS address of the DNS. We open the property of the neighbor property, the local connection property and the TCP/IP protocol attribute. Please take a look at picture 14. It's the local telecom DNS address. Picture 15, DNS is the gateway address


diagram 14 local telecom DNS address

Figure 15 DNS is the gateway address

note: the above picture 14 sets the local telecommunications DNS address, and friends need to set up their local telecommunications DNS address.All router Settings graphical content is to introduce you to them and hope to help you to understand and grasp the router Settings.Now what is inseparable from the Internet that set up the router is one of the compulsory course, if you don't remember, can be preserved by a small, this article can also be added to the favorites in

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