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people and had set up an IP address to the wrong stranger!All the IP address of the commonly used is generally a class C address

IP addresses are 32-bit is expressed in binary 0 1 to 4 bytes for example "Throughout 00001010000000000000000000000001 &;Such a long IP addresses are difficult to memory, so generally expressed in decimal.Above IP can be written as:

IP address is composed of network address and host address can be divided into A, B, C, D, E five the first them roughly for the network class A class B address them roughly, for local them roughly, and the rest of the class A IP address Address range class B address the first two paragraph number for the network number.If expressed in binary IP address, a class B IP address is composed of 2 bytes network address and host address 2 bytes, the highest level of network address must be "10 ".Range

refers to a class C IP address, the IP addresses of the four Numbers, the former three parts number for the network number, the remaining a number for the local computer number, class C IP address ranges to retain the Ip, dedicated to the routing setting, the user name and password for admin

generally will be confronted with this situation and to open it, see

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