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2018-01-19 15:46:43

At the sight of, immediately associate gateway this concept. gateway, just as its name implies is the level of the network.Between different networks to communicate with each other, must pass through the gateway.As we usually at home using ADSL dial-up, residential broadband, as well as the use of local area network (LAN) in the company, want to get to the Internet (wan), essentially is connected to the Internet through the gateway equipment.It involves the router and proxy server with the function of the gateway.

well, now you probably know the gateway this concept.

if your IE browser won't open, even into not to go, then?


first think of is ping, if you don't know how to ping the IP, teach you a ping below:

the first step: would you like the beginning of the computer the lower-left corner of the taskbar, point to run again;May also directly according to win left corner that a windos icon (keyboard keys) + R.In

and then in the pop-up window type CMD, confirmation or the enter key, enter the DOS!

again on the window input ping, remember that there is a space between the ping and!

ping results:

look at the Request time out (query timeout), and it is sent and lost, sent you send data, missing data lost, at the very least lost less than can be sent through, like this kind of situation is that there is no ping!If it were not for the congratulations you, your ping, if ping can't?(if you can already online check router ban ping.)That is the question about which IP Settings. Settings:

ping can't specific solutions such as:

on the table "Online neighbors "Click on the right, as shown in figure: a

click properties,

in the network connection, -Right-click in the local connection -->As shown in figure:

or click properties, appear below:

select INTERNET protocol (TCP/IP), once again, click properties, appear below:

IP address input 192.168.1. X (X can be any one number 2-254, preferably 2-8), and then click on the subnet mask, if it is or WIN2000 WINXP will automatically fill in the ( to fill in on the default gateway:, now reconfirm with respect to OK!, I believe you can open now!

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