Welcome to our Online Store! can't open, router URL don't go in how to do

2018-01-03 15:22:44

enter landing page can't open to do

in browser enter unable to enter the router options, the first analysis of all kinds of causes of the problem and solution.The analysis of the causes of

can't open

for a

general routers, by default url, enter the router options url is, this is the default, but not some routers, probably or other.And this site is not fixed.

please note the following points:

1, check the router description, the default router options url and account password have instructions on the manual.

2, enter the url format to correct, simply enter the default url in your browser (such as can, do not need to input any other characters.

reason two error

input account, user name, or account password is wrong, the following conditions:

1, the default password is input the wrong.

2, the default password is changed.

for 3,

in some cases be restricted on the router even if you enter the correct password is also don't go, because in the router can set permissions, only part of the computer can log in the router options.

below, I, the router is set only two computers can log on to

for four long running

sometimes, router router running time is too long, even if the url input is correct, account password is right, also may appear router inaccessible.

how to solve the

steps a landing site,

to first know what router login url, have been changed, here to be sure, even the router to the default landing site is, can also be in router change this to other sites.

so if others put this address changed, of course, will not be able to log in.

if the computer can surf the Internet, can see inside the network status login url.

router input url in step 2 is correct the mark of

input into the router options url is correct logo is, site if the input is correct, will pop-up dialog box, enter account and password.

steps 3 and processing method of network address or password is not correct of the situation of

if the url input is incorrect, or the password is always wrong, you can press the following processing:

(1) ask the person to modify the password of the router.

(2) the factory change the router, make account password recovery by default.The instructions detailed in a router, is to break the router power, using a toothpick or other sharp things holding down the reset button for 5 seconds.

note before initialization backup broadband Internet account and password.

initialization can be solved by artificial limits on the router options.

step 4, the router did not automatically assigned IP

if no input password page, could be the result of a router not dynamically assigned IP, you will need to manually enter the IP, or in other can enter computer set up open DHCP service.The following DNS varies according to the network service provider, search on the Internet.If not, can fill in telecom, or can be.

steps options page five, the router into the

account password is correct, but still couldn't get into the router option, can pull the router power supply, open later, may be caused by a router running time is too long.Related: router set up tp

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