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2018-01-19 09:18:52 password don't know how to do?A case here will tell you the solution, actually very simple, reset the router Settings! password reset:

usually encountered this kind of failure, we first need to reset the router Settings, use a toothpick or the holes behind the wire into the router, resist the unplug the router power at the same time;Then take meet outside the network cable in the router on the WLAN, take your computer above the LAN port of the router.Below: router Settings:

preparation work done, now we are in the computer input on the IE browser ""(each router it's initial IP is different, the specific situation to look at the instruction, have a need to contact me, also can directly enter, press enter the following window: after

enter the user name and password, the user is admin, initial password is admin (different router is not the same), then click log in, appear below:

novice can first see the setup wizard!Select setup wizard appears below:

click next, as shown in figure:

again, next is the login screen:

 set later appears below the:

network parameters, WAN Settings:

router set!Now we come to the network parameters, the WAN port Settings can easily on the Internet.Select "Network parameters "Options, and then choose a LAN port parameter is set, the following Settings will be shown.This option is to set the parameters of the router.Now

router Settings have been completed, the rest is to restart the router!

according to the above click!Normally connected to cable can surf the Internet, if still can not, it will set up the IP!Out according to the way of the top IP Settings: the diagram below:

above the ring will be your own set of parameters and fill in the broadband service providers in the DNS for your DNS, everywhere is different, here we use GOOGLE to provide DNS address, using the DNS is common, but also to screen out the local telecom ads.Then click confirm can surf the Internet!If you still could not restart the computer! forgotten password?Can't surf the Internet?Not in frustration, read this article, according to the article describes the process of operation can be done easily.

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