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2018-01-19 14:36:20
How to set up and landed router?Router set, before I can use the small make up here to share with you the steps.Set up after successful, you can log in.Detailed steps see below, please follow steps carefully to associated Settings.If there is any problem, you can also view the router's manual. router set the first step:

is not a direct connection between the computer and the original cable, but by another cable connection.Step 2:

location bar " "Into this page, enter the user name and password.

the third step: the default user name and password are admin. After enter into the "The next step ", if it is broadband Internet access, select "Virtual ADSL dial-up "And fill in the corresponding user name and password.

the fourth step: choose "Wireless parameters "- "Basic setup "Set as follows.Step 5:

wireless password Settings, remember to be sure to fill in the password, and remember, later can wireless Internet access. router login

method one: if the user is through the Internet explorer browser to enter the url on the router, so may be related to whether the ie setting agent, if you will set the ie agent, is above there will be a failure, all first of all, we cancel the proxy Settings.Click "Tools - Internet options - connection - LAN Settings ", as shown:

method 2: cancelled after the agent and then check whether computers and LA interface (generally has four interface, in one of four excuse interface) connective, then look at the router is working correctly, indicator is on.

method 3: some users, of course, is through the dial-up modem.If this is the case first broadband dial-up connection will be deleted.Select "Never use dial-up connection "Specific steps: click the Internet explorer browser toolbar above "Tools - Internet options ", switch to the "Connection "Button, can operate as shown in the figure below:

method 4: to check whether the local address of the user set the IP address of the router and LAN IP belong to the same network segment, if not in the same network segment, you can manually configure an IP address.If not setting is set to "Automatically obtain IP address "The setting of the can.In turn, find "Local connection "Right-click the selection "Properties throughout the &;, and then double-click "Internet protocol version 4.0 "Can be set up.As shown in figure:

method 5: after the operation, is now trying to address bar in Internet explorer browser enter to enter the router Settings on interface.If you don't into account or log in, the router can be reset again, restore the initial state.6:

method and then modify the router management port, then landed should enter http://LAN mouth IP: port number.How to set up and landed

editorial router?Through the above steps, you can achieve in detail using the Internet.If there are other problems, small make up recommend to check the specification.About the set, and the problem of password small make up recommend, in reading I hope can help users solve the problem.

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