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2018-01-19 15:18:04
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"You are deliberately "Small make up such a question: how router password change?For such problems setting up the router, often there will be a small white classmate asked, here small make up TP - Link in the hands of a router, for example, to teach you how to modify router password. router password change may include two parts, one is the router login password, another is the Wifi password, respectively introduced in this paper, we according to the need to learn.

a router set password,

1, connected to the router network computer open a browser, and then enter login url: input is completed, press the return key to open, next you need to use the account password, as shown in the figure below.After

2, log in router background Settings interface, click the start "System tools "Then click on the below "Modify the password ", on the right side of the input again after the original password, enter 2 times again set a new password, after the completion of the click & at the bottom of the other;Save "Can, as shown in the figure below.More than

is router password modification method.It said to modify the wireless password below again.

2, router set Wifi password

if you want to change is not a router password, but the Wifi password, similar method.

1, is still a router background management interface;After

2, log in router background Settings interface, click the start "The wireless set "And then enter "Wireless security Settings "Here you can change the Wifi password (PSK password is the Wifi password), as shown in the figure below.

change the Wifi password, remember to click & at the bottom of the other;Save "Can oh.After

also modify the Wifi password, usually need to restart the router to take effect.Restart the router method is very simple, in "System tools "Can be found in the reset button, according to clew operation.Postscript: router password will mainly involve the password with Wifi password two parts, hope to be of help.In addition, other brand router Settings password procedures is basically similar, you may wish to try with reference to the above ideas.

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