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beginners a conceptual understanding of or is very want to know what are they?So understanding: 192.168. *. * this type is a network address.Is often used for the internal LAN, Internet addresses, used for internal private network.So-called network address is used in LAN IP address. Jargon is our class A address within said, non-standard. router Settings of the gateway is the definition of data beyond this period to the first stop. or just a LAN IP (address) in the inside address, the network, the Internet has a unique IP in the matching. It is easy to confuse.

work in the local area network (LAN) can use IP has five types:

1.10 X.X.X

2.172 X.X.X

3.192 X.X.X

4.224 X.X.X

5.240 X.X.X

x can be arbitrarily set, range 1-254 these five types of addresses are reserved special LAN address, are not allowed to appear on the Internet. Here should have a preliminary understanding of the, this is generally a router web site management.Account and password varies according to the router's brand.Have adminadmin, admin (empty, root123456 etc.! problems setting up the router to summarize

1. Dear friends with ADSL, after get the ADSL cats, should change the default password in time, avoid being used by ADSLMODEM initial address and user name password daqo to debug these courageously, to put the IP address of the nic is set with the ADSL awake the same network segment.

2. ADSL set simply factory default initial IP, user name and password, is set to debug these must know when awake.Set debug these commonly arousal that there are three ways:

a is the most common methods of WEB is to fill in the browser with Vincent IP, such as QX1680, input is in your browser's address bar, appear after the prompt, enter the username admin and password qxcommsupport, can the administrator Settings interface.The most common and simplest is this way.

the second method is to use TELNET, the method of telnetIP, such as early and frequently 642, method telnet192.168.1.1, 1234, and then enter the password to get into the English character interface.

and the third way is to use the manufacturer's own configuration program to enter configuration interface, such as CyberLink6307/6309 kg it USES in the CD attached with Cybrlink6307/6309 kg with DSLCom. Exe, the factory default value: when the router IP address: password: STM, because this method without the former two methods is convenient, so now the low-end products is less used.

3. Most of the products of debugging is to first set after awake through product own twisted pair connection, set the machine network card IP is set with the awake the same network segment, and then configure, such as Vincent is changed the default IP or password, most of them can be reset to restore the factory default values.The most commonly used is the most useful method is to set up awake after power, has been holding down the reset button, then the electricity, for a short period of time after can restore the factory default values. router set method is to introduce you to the end of the, don't know whether there are suitable for your method, with the help of a little hope for the vast number of users.

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