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2017-12-29 13:34:26 mobile phone log in router Settings interface can be convenient for us to manage the router.Compared to need a computer login, landing mobile phone can do touch screen operation, more fast.To realize mobile phone fast management of wireless router, can follow the steps below. mobile landing steps below

the first step: confirm the mobile phone has access to WiFi router emitted by itself;

the second step: in the mobile browser address bar enter, start access router Settings address;

the third step: mobile phone enter wireless router log in to your account password, enter the router Settings interface. mobile phone log in

the first failure reason: logon failure is caused by the router to the default address not as huawei router will set the default router address to, while some other routers can use special address instead of as landing address.

if cannot login problems, can look for the default router in the router's nameplate on address, or refer to router instruction set.If it is not used to the other address, you can enter the router Settings interface in the amended as mobile phones after landing.

the second: could land mobile phone, but forget the router to the administrator password.This kind of situation we how to do?If really forgotten the router password, don't worry, small make up here provides three methods for everybody to try. modify the router password method below

a: use the initial password and account for the admin, password is the same as the account number or 12345678.If your wireless router is to let the door staff set, can see if broadband staff reporting list to help you write the router password above (but this really depends on the character).

method 2: try to use the WiFi password as an administrator password, now many of the router will default WiFi password the same as the administrator password (the miracle, remember to read out loud when input complete & ndash;& ndash;Open sesame).

method 3: reset the router Settings in the router back, press the reset button to restore the router initial setup (note that this will remove all router Settings information, including Internet log in to your account and other Settings, if you forget to get to the Internet account, in press).More than is the detailed operation method of mobile phone log in router Settings page.We through the phone after log in router Settings to the operation of the set interface methods have demand, so small make up a series of router Settings tutorial for you, for your reference.Details please browse below related to understanding.Related: router set

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