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2017-12-29 13:15:32 is set to change the password may contain two parts, one is the router login password, another is the Wifi password, respectively introduced in this paper, all on-demand learning can be. router

usually router to the default Settings to change the password login account name and password are admin, as long as the router network users can through this default router account password login router management interface, general manager can modify the default router password, to prevent the user to change the router Internet parameters, speed, etc., affect use.So router Settings, the router password how to modify the procedures described below.

the first step: router Settings, first in the browser window website login window enter the router to the default address (different brand router may be different, please look at the router nameplates.it on shell), then press the enter key, then you can see the pop-up router login box, as follows:

in the user name and password in all belong to the default admin (different brand router may be different, not friends see nameplates.it router enclosure).After

the second step: success into the router management interface, and then on the left side of the router management interface menu, find & other;System tools & throughout;Here can see & other;Modify the login password & throughout;A, the following figure:

the third step: click the change password after, can pop up on the right side change password dialog box, and then above to enter the default user name and password, below to fill out the new user name and password, the following figure, here I only change the password, still with the admin user name, want to fix the user application system also, please fill in, as follows:

the fourth step: after finish, click below to complete can successfully modify the router password, next time to login the router, use the default account will not be able to login, you need to set the password to login.More than

ps: is router Settings.If later forget router login password, please send the router to factory default.

wireless router wireless password how to modify the

many users are wireless router the first wireless Internet access, but others know the wireless router password online sometimes, want to change, to prevent others ceng net how to fix it?Under the method is simple, the simple introduction.

the first step: the same is the login interface, the router management into the router management interface, click the left & the other;The wireless set & throughout;Then click on the below & other;Wireless security Settings & throughout;, after the right side of the pops out below interface:

the second step: modify the PSK password, click save to complete the bottom of the wireless router password changing, is very simple.Related: landing page address

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wireless router how to set up the lei families wireless router set

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