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1mb how many kb, about the storage capacity of the unit introduced

2018-01-15 09:23:57

1 MB of exactly how old?How much KB?In our life we often hear these similar concepts, when you go to install broadband, or is the time to buy U disk storage device such as a, you will hear 4 MB broadband, 500 gb, 16 gb, the concept of the Numbers, but it is people do not know what these Numbers mean, they often ask, what is the meaning of 4 MB broadband, broadband speed how fast?How big is 16 gb?And so on questions, so what the Numbers represent?Through this article I believe you will know the relationship between 1 MB and KB, will know just how 1 MB.So-called KB and

GB is used to describe the size of the computer storage capacity, for convenience, we usually also upload and download speed of the network is also use KB and MB.And these units similarities is that they are carrying the same unit letter: B, B is the abbreviation of Byte, it means that Byte, is the basic unit of the computer storage capacity.Believe that everyone should know that the computer used during the operation of system is a binary number, is composed of 1 s and 0 s, and a byte namely 1 b is equal to 8 bit binary number, one byte represents the eight digital string of 1 s and 0 s, they through such signals realized within the computer storage and read and calculated.

and 1 KB size is 1024 bytes, we usually abbreviated to 1 KB, 1 MB is equal to 1024 KB, at the same time is equal to 1 million bytes, often abbreviated to 1 MB, 1 gb is equal to 1024 MB, which is 1.024 billion bytes, usually expressed as 1 gb, upwards and TB, PB, EB, mutual conversion of the numerical size is 1024.Now used to describe the unit of speed is generally MB and KB, storage capacity is generally MB, GB, TB, most of the storage capacity is based on GB or TB, and on the broadband, they speed standard is calculated using the MB.

due to the constant development and progress of the modern electronic equipment, data storage space occupied more and more big, lead to the capacity of a storage device followed data grows.At present, a standard SLR cameras to take high quality photos capacity is really about 6 MB, phone clap a photo is about 1 MB.High-definition movie is about 1.5 GB can be achieved in the past the old storage devices, these things will not fit at all.On the broadband speed, 4 MB broadband due to the special problems, its speed limit is commonly 1/2 MB, or almost 512 MB/s, and with the expansion of the data capacity, broadband network speed are also rising, telecom, unicom currently the biggest broadband and mobile communications companies have reached 100 MB standard.In

by the introduction, I believe everyone has been on the GB, MB, a certain conceptual understanding of KB, questions about how much 1 MB KB article also gives you the answer, 1 MB is equal to 1024 KB, you must remember the oh.

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