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2016 latest network storage brand ranking

2018-02-13 11:22:11

in this information era of rapid development, computers and the Internet has become part of people daily life can't lack, and network storage system is one of an important part of computer.Especially business and IT industry, network storage play an important role.So, what are the brand of network storage is of high quality and affordable?Small make up this tells you network storage brand

1 ~

. The group of CDH

group of CDH network technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., since founded in 2000, has been focusing on research and development and innovation of intelligent store, they wholeheartedly committed to providing customers with network storage solutions, this is rare in domestic and even the global.Because the single-minded, so I can do it more professional.Group within the company, therefore, research and development production of network storage has a good quality guarantee, at the same time they also developed the form a complete set of operating system, enables users to get a better experience.

2. HP

HP is a global consulting technology companies, is also one of the world's largest information technology companies.After 2014, the company internal split, HP enterprise begin to offer professional enterprise storage devices, servers and software services, the network storage technology on the basis of the original more ascension.HP is a great development potential of the brand, its research and development production of network storage performance is superior, has a good reputation in the field of business office.And whether it is a high-end business level or mid-range price level, HP has developed a series of high-quality products, to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

3. The west data

data is an internationally renowned hard disk vendors, especially storage industry pioneer and leader of the world.For a long time, they are committed to provide users around the world with good storage products and the perfect storage solution.Accumulated the rich experience of allowed them to quickly capture user requirements, excellent solution is put forward, and update products, so the user has established the good circle of trust.Especially in the European and American markets, western digital storage products accounted for a high market share.

4. Seagate

constantly optimize the internal management, the design idea of real-time updates and unremitting efforts to Seagate beyond the data in the west and successfully in the 21st century had become the world's largest hard disk manufacturer.Taking "Free content "The design idea, Seagate to create a series of strong flexibility and high utilization of network storage products.In addition, its unique platform and vertical integration management mode constantly promote the innovation of products and technology.

5. D - LINK

D - Link (Taiwan news group, one of the first Internet company in Taiwan, adhering to the "Network for human creation "The aim of, its product coverage to all over the world.Because good pre-sale and after-sale service, and good communication system, the enterprise and the user D - LINK to win the majority of users trust and love.

a good online store has a lot of help to our work and life, all network storage when the choose and buy must look for the trusted brands, buy quality goods, to ensure information security and convenience store.Are small make up recommend the comparison of several brand, hope today's content to be yo ~

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