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2018 broadband world faster online! Your family list yet?

2018-01-26 16:53:54

2016 annual list "broadband China" demonstration city, hangzhou, shenyang, etc. 39 cities on the list, so far, with 2015 and 2014, named 117 "broadband China" demonstration city (city group).These cities both in broadband access ability, and family broadband penetration, the average are much higher than other domestic areas.,

39 city named "broadband China" demonstration city of 2016 to

ministry of information and communication development secretary smell library said, by the end of May 2016, the average fixed broadband access rate from the end of 2015 to 20.5 Mbps, up to 29.5 Mbps.Optical fiber to the home the number of users reached 180 million, accounting for 66.4% of the broadband users;4 g users reached 580 million, accounting for 44.7% of mobile phone users,

"mobile broadband penetration rate reached 62.6%, state planning indicators reach 85% by 2020.Family of fixed broadband penetration rate has reached 55%, the national planning reach 70% by 2020."This year,

smell library also said, is to carry out the "broadband China" demonstration city of the third year, there are 39 city named "broadband China" demonstration city, now a total of 117 cities on the list.

according to the data at the end of 2015 "broadband China" model cities "urban households more than 20 m and broadband access ability" average 29.6% higher than the national average, "fixed broadband penetration" family average level is higher than the national average of 25.8%.

117 "broadband China" demonstration cities list,

2016 annual "broadband China" demonstration city of yangquan city, jinzhong city, wuhai city, baotou city, tongliao city, shenyang, mudanjiang, wuxi, taizhou, nantong,

hangzhou, suzhou city, huangshan city, anhui, it, yantai, zaozhuang, shangqiu, jiaozuo, nanyang,

ezhou, hengyang city, yiyang city, yulin city, haikou city, chongqing municipality jiulongpo district, chongqing beibei, yaan, while luzhou, nanchong,

 Lhasa, nyingchi zhunyi, wenshan zhuang and miao minority autonomous prefecture city, weinan, wuwei, jiuquan city, tianshui, xining.

2015 annual "broadband China" demonstration city of taiyuan, Hohhot, ordos city, anshan city, panjin, baishan city, yangzhou city, jiaxing city, hefei, tongling city,

 putian city, xinyu, ganzhou city, dongying city, jining city, shandong dezhou, xinxiang, yongcheng, huangshi city, xiangyang city,

yichang, shiyan, draws, yueyang city, shantou city, meizhou city, dongguan city, chongqing, chongqing rongchang metro area, mianyang city,

neijiang, yibin city, dazhou, yuxi, lanzhou city, zhangye, evalution, karamay city, central city.

2014 annual "broadband China" demonstration city of municipality directly under the central government and urban agglomerations:, Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, changsha-zhuzhou-xiangtan urban agglomeration.

other cities and made county:shijiazhuang city, dalian city, benxi, yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture, Harbin, daqing, nanjing, suzhou, zhenjiang, kunshan city, jinhua, wuhu and anqing city, fuzhou (pingtan), xiamen, quanzhou, nanchang, yiyang, Qingdao, zibo,weihai, linyi city, zhengzhou, luoyang, wuhan, guangzhou, shenzhen, zhongshan, chengdu, panzhihua.,in aba Tibetan and qiang autonomous prefecture, guiyang city, yinchuan, wuzhong city, alaer.

98% of administrative villages in 2020 to, in addition to optical fiber released 2016 "broadband China" demonstration city, recently, the ministry also announced the second batch of telecommunication universal service 2016 pilot cities list.Sanya, Lhasa, guiyang and other cities.

telecommunications universal service industry refers to anyone in any place can afford the price of enjoy telecom business, quality and standards and business alike.

smell library said, in order to ensure the telecommunications universal service, the pilot work is mainly aimed at the rural poverty-stricken areas, in particular, through increased investment in the central fiscal funds, give full play to the guiding role of the central government funds, in promoting the enthusiasm of local party committees, governments and local enterprises.Said smell,

libraries, preliminary statistics in 2015, about 50000 administrative villages without broadband, 150000 administrative villages, though through the broadband, but wide enough, not with optical fiber, but with the other technologies."About the village needs to upgrade with optical fiber.Overall goal is 2020, 98% of administrative villages to optical fiber."

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