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360-degree panoramic camera how much the price, 360-degree panoramic camera introduced

2018-02-13 09:02:48

along with the development of science and technology faster and faster, the electronic equipment is becoming more and more fast.Now in addition to smartphones powerful, cameras have become more and more advanced.And what kind of camera is very much, and has been applied in many fields, and we are one of the most common is the mobile phone camera, surveillance cameras, and so on.And the definition of cameras is increasing constantly.Can say can achieve high definition camera now.And recently out of a camera function is very big.360 - degree panoramic camera, take pictures or video effect is very good.Below small make up detailed share 360 panoramic camera.

360 - degree panoramic camera price

360 - degree panoramic camera can cover no blind spot monitoring area of about 400 square meters, equipped with a fisheye lens, with 360 - degree panoramic views.More than a 360 - degree panoramic camera can take the place of the ordinary camera, seamless monitoring can be achieved, but realized monitoring new applications, applied in various fields, including prison, government agencies, Banks, social security, culture, public places and so on.The price is in commonly 499 yuan (price source, for reference only).

360 - degree panoramic camera features

USES the fisheye panoramic imaging optical system, the central no blind area, 3 million pixels high output, wide field coverage and resolution requirements and coordination;/

is suitable for the conference room, office, hall hall, shopping mall, warehouse, workshop and other large open monitoring requirements of the indoor area;

free panoramic views of the monitoring system software, can according to the eight digital yuntai (DPTZ) model for real-time view panoramic video.

provides the SDK development kit, the realization of the third party access network management platform working principle of the working principle of the

360 - degree panoramic camera

360 before and after the main principle is will be installed in the vehicle and on both sides of the four 180 - degree wide Angle camera image, provided by the synthesis of display for the top view of the vehicle in the car display.Particularly applicable to wide large suvs MPV models, truly parking without blind area and the realization of the bird's eye view driving real environment, make a high-tech car safety driving to achieve higher safety equipment.

auxiliary parking

360 - degree panoramic camera function characteristics, the driver in the process of reversing, only need through the images of the instrument panel

judgment around obstacles, can improve reversing safety performance.

through the narrow road car

expanded vision

when the car driving alter ego the fork, can see through the instrument panel front or rear 180 degrees range images, which can easily collect car line correction.

when the car go straight, you can directly open the front camera, if the vehicle deviates from the straight line occurs, the driver can directly by instrument panel is found, and timely correction.Obstacle position before and after

when the parking position is very low, no radar or cannot detect, through the instrument panel before and after images can easily judge the distance before and after the car and obstacles.Above is to share about

to 360 degrees panoramic camera, hope we share help to you, also hope you in later life can better understand 360 - degree panoramic camera.It regardless of the effect is very good in pictures, and is also very useful in monitoring.And 360 - degree panoramic camera has being applied in the military.For the first time, 360 panoramic camera also will play an important role in our later life.Hope that relevant researchers to pay attention to, and strive to put 360 camera perfectly, and the 360 popularize.

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