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360 how to regularly restart the router, 360 security routing regularly restart settings graphic tut

2018-03-03 12:53:12

router like smart phones and other digital products, use for a long time and there will be a card machine, unstable situation, and through the restart can be very good solution to this problem, and usually we home routers we seldom go to manually restart, then can realize automatic restart?At present, many intelligent router restart the regular support, this article below 360 security routing P1, for example, to teach you how to customize a router restart.

360 security routing P1 timing restart routing setting is simpler, support the use of the APP Settings or complete set in the computer, directly below we introduced respectively.

method one: use a mobile phone APP set 360 security routing time to restart the

, the first step: first download and install 360 routing management APP in the mobile phone, and then open, and click enter "Routing setting "Interface, and then continue to click enter "Router timed restart setup ", as shown in figure.

the second step: open the router restart setup interface regularly, first open "Automatic restart switch ", and then select good need time to restart time, including the date and the specific time to restart, you can the be fond of according to oneself, finish the installation as shown.After completion of

set, the router will restart in your specified time for automatic operation, during the restart automatically offline about 30 s, suggest that we try to set the automatic restart time in using the web or breakfast in the morning.

method 2: in 360 router timed restart computer

, the first step: first of all in computer networking, open a browser, and then open the router management address: luyou. 360. Cn (or, then press the return key, then open the administrator login router interface, enter the account password, click ok to log in 360 routing management interface, as shown.After

, the second step: click on the top "The router Settings "- →"Restart the router ", as shown in figure.

the third step: click to enter "Time to restart "Settings, as shown in the figure below.

the fourth step: the next operation is similar to mobile phone APP, first open "The router automatically restart "The date of the switch, and then set the timer to restart, such as a week week, what time is it, everyone according to their own requirements, complete set.

many smart routers are currently supported custom restart function, you might as well go to management center to see.If your home router also supports automatic restart, suggest to open this function, it can improve the stability of the router to reduce network problems.Is more than

small make up to bring the 360 security routing time restart the set tutorial, hope can help to you, you if there is doubt, can give us the comment box below message oh.We will do everything he can to answer them.

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