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360 portable WiFi is what? 360 portable WiFi What are the features

2018-03-02 13:26:12

What's your WiFi 360?360 portable WiFi what features

360 portable WiFi is a super mini wireless router, operation is extremely simple, just put 360 portable WiFi plugged into a computer can surf the Internet, without doing any Settings, the connect cable network computer into a access point, are Shared with other terminal network.

360 take WiFi"The volume is very small, even can be used as a mobile phone pendant.Smaller than a thumb, you can plug it in mobile phone headset hole or hung on a key chain.

360 take WiFi"Aiming at the main is a school, office and hotel and other places, generally can be wired to the Internet, but there is no wireless network coverage.Iresearch data show that nearly 70% of the computer or in a state, dial-up Internet access means that at least 70% of the computer near no wireless environment.Especially in three or four line city, is still relatively strong demand for wireless networks.

wireless card into a wireless AP, for technical personnel, is a very simple matter.But for most users don't have any network knowledge, is not easy."360 take WiFi"Launch is seen that, the looks be like simple, actually, many people don't know, will not set the function of the minimalist optimization.So everyone can easily build a wireless AP, and share the Internet.

don't need any configuration, "360 take wifi"Success is set up, at this point, the user simply search by smartphones, tablets and other wireless network, can search to a "Throughout 360 &;At the beginning of the wireless network (SSID), then use the randomly generated network password, you can surf the Internet safely., of course, if the user thinks this password is not secure enough, you can also manually modify the password, this design is also quite human.In addition to solve the wireless network,

"360 take WiFi"Can also through 360 mobile security guards to create a wireless connection between computers and mobile phones, wireless mobile U disk, airborne diagram, software operating from a distance, etc.Also convenient to drive, 360 mobile phone assistant, games and other products, application, market growth, equivalent to 360 with a small peripherals in return for a series of 360 its mobile application installed base.

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