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360 portable wifi computer can not identify how to do

2018-03-02 13:05:42

360 portable wifi computer doesn't recognize how do

360 with wifi computer cannot identify solution: open C: \\ Users \\ \\ Administrator \\ AppData \\ Roaming \\ 360 ap \\ WLAP inside a "QueryDevice. Ini"Use notepad to open, the inside of 0 to 1!!!!!It is ok to reinsert the wifi.Or click with 360 security assistant, computer aid →Other issues →U disk write protected, click restore, is ok.

360 how do you use the portable wifi

step 1: please click on the download drive (already supported Windows operating system)

step 2: insert 360 portable wifi is connected to a desktop or laptop USB port

step 3: there will be a free WLAN in computer screen name suggests

step 4: in the mobile phone will open wifi Settings, select 360 - XXXX, enter the password to connect

has one of the following, may result in 360 with wifi cannot use:

1 system service item is missing, such as Internet cafes, lean systems, etc.;

2. The network environment have restrictions, such as limited company limited, campus, etc.;

3. Does not support such a system, MAC, LINUX, win2000, win2003, win8.1, etc.

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