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360 security routing P1 and Lenovo newifi, mini which is good

2018-03-02 09:31:28

360 security routing P1 and lenovo newifi mini which good

360 security routing P1 antenna adopted patented PCB + brass oscillator is a integrated structure, maximum limit reduce the loss of gain.This kind of antenna or after all shielding laboratory set-up precision and the production of high precision, let each antenna can achieve the best fit effect.While lenovo wifi min is equipped with two sealed, gain of 3 class: : dbi whip omni-directional antenna, the antenna at the top of the ribbed design, can rotate an Angle.

360 security routing P1 board adopted common green PCB, in addition to the network transformer and power part of components adopt the splicing process, the rest of the original of SMT process (including LED) has been adopted, running so the mainboard looks clean and neat, and also gives the internal thermal dissipation space has been considerable.While lenovo wifi min panel using the mirror technology, belongs to the typical "Fingerprint collector ", the information light columns in the left panel, and use the simplified design, has the power, USB, 2.4 GHz wireless, 5 GHz wireless Internet, LAN and WAN, and seven LED, after electrify from acrylic panel under blue light shone, but not dazzling.

360 security routing P1 with Realtek RTL8196D processor (Realtek) brand, framework for the MIPS, frequency is 620 megabits per second.Memory, 360 security routing used a DDR particles of ESMT P1, capacity is 64 MB, cooperate RTL8196D processor can completely meet the family users.While lenovo wifi min also comes with a USB 2.0 interface, plug in USB storage devices can be achieved network storage sharing and offline download, you can also directly with baidu cloud for file upload and download, the equivalent of aeriform in increasing the mass of storage space.

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