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360 portable wifi how to install, [graphic]

2018-01-15 09:42:59

people are dependent on network is far beyond our imagination.You office have to work every day to the network, learning to use the network, leisure and entertainment have to to the network, to sum up, have no network, it was as if we can't do everything.However, portable wifi became our access to the network of a tool.So when we buy a 360 portable wifi, should how to install?Let below small make up to about 360 portable wifi how to install it for you!

360 portable wifi how to install

1, 360 portable wifi are first installed on the computer, after installation, the computer shows unable to connect.Because of the need to download a software to complete the connection.Click open 360 guards, and then click open in the 360 guardian "Software steward ".

2, click open "Software steward "Later, in the software behind the housekeeper search bar enter inside "Throughout 360 wifi &;, the input is complete, click on the back of the "Search ".After

3, click on the search, the search results have software.Find the first software in its rear click "Download "And to download the software first.

4, wait a moment, software download is complete.After the download is complete, the software will automatically detect the installation.Click install, need to open 360 wi-fi.In the jump out the window, green in the lower right click "A key to open ".

5, click open "A key to open "Later, in the download screen, see behind the software has a "Open the software ", we are now click "Open the software ".After

6, click to open the software, computer desk surface will have a "360 take wifi"In the window.In this window, showing the 360 portable wifi has been opened.Below are the portable wifi name and password, in order to easy to remember, need to do to modify the name and password.Click on the right "Modify ".

7, and then put the name and password are familiar to modify for yourself, change is complete, click in the lower right corner "Confirm to modify ".

8, confirmed after modified, 360 portable wifi software interface window will disappear.While the computer desk in the top right corner there will be a wifi signal, and the wifi signal is shown above "No connection ".Then will take out our phones, on the wifi connection.After

9, mobile phone open wifi connection, to search after the 360 portable wifi signals.Then enter just set the wifi password input after success, mobile phones can use the wifi.Then wifi signal display "1 people connect ".

360 portable wifi how to use

1, first of all, the 360 portable wifi inserted into the computer USB interface, and then 360 portable wifi will automatically install the driver and prepare related operations.If your 360 portable wifi did not successfully install the driver, you can access wifi. 360. Cn website to download the driver.

2, click on the top right corner "Install the driver "Button to download 360 portable wifi driver, install the driver in the computer after the download is complete, then start the 360 portable wifi software.

3, at that time, 360 portable wifi software is do related preparation, the need for a period of time, please be patient.Stay with wifi ready, will automatically create a wi-fi hotspots, your mobile phone and other mobile devices can connect wireless network.

4, you can click on the interface of "Change the password "To modify the wireless network password, you can also choose to let anyone connect wireless network, so you don't need a password.The clear display, as shown in the interface is connected to the network devices.

5, in the mobile terminal to mobile wifi (wlan) open and connect the network, after connection, you can look up on the computer desktop has save flow of mobile phone, you can also click "Check the wireless network password "To view or modify the wireless network password.

6, in this way, you can enjoy referral phone free flow in the wireless network, small make up with mobile phones connect to this network speeds around 130 KB/s, is satisfied, only depending on the distance and computer network equipment., the interpretation of more than

through small make up for your 360 portable wifi installed nine steps are you clear?You don't have to worry about, in fact, the installation process is very simple: oh, if you are there any questions in the process of installation that you can want to carefully read this nine installation method step, step by step controlled by explaining to install, success will be 360 portable wifi after installation is complete, you can enjoy referral in the mobile phone in the free flow of the wireless network, feel very convenient 360 portable wifi is very practical!Is more than

about 360 portable wifi how to install the related content, hope can help to you!

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