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360 portable wifi how to set the password

2018-01-15 16:56:51

360 portable wifi how to set the password

360 portable wifi is a super mini wireless router, operation is extremely simple, just put 360 portable wifi plugged into a computer can surf the Internet, without doing any Settings, the connect cable network computer into a access point, are Shared with other terminal network, however, part using the web client user can appear even the wifi, but it was not on the net.So how 360 portable wifi password?

to 360 with wifi the problem of how to set the password, to protect computer security, 360 wi-fi to create a wireless network with 10 password when default Settings.If want to change the password, can be inserted into the device and wait for it to create after the success of the network, in the 360 portable WiFi suspended window right-click "Set the password "On its own, the user can set up 8 ~ 12 password consisting of letters and Numbers.

360 portable wifi is by sharing computer networks, making mobile phone, tablet, such as equipment connected to the wireless network, so the phone after connect the wifi will achieve zero flow, without operator network.360 portable wifi directly inserted into the computer USB interface, can be installed driver to use, without complex operation, not still can realize wifi wireless network card equipment desktop sharing, really convenient for the user.

360 portable wifi some characteristic is no configuration, "360 take wifi"Success is set up, at this point, the user simply search by smartphones, tablets and other wireless network, can search to a "Throughout 360 &;At the beginning of the wireless network (SSID), then use the randomly generated network password, you can surf the Internet safely.In addition to solve the wireless network,

"360 take wifi"Can also through 360 mobile security guards to create a wireless connection between computers and mobile phones, wireless mobile U disk, airborne diagram, software operating from a distance, etc.Also convenient to drive, 360 mobile phone assistant, games and other products, application, market growth, equivalent to 360 with a small peripherals in return for a series of 360 its mobile application installed base.

360 portable wifi role is in no circumstances, there is no wifi, cable but computers can through the Internet, the "360 take WiFi"Connected to the computer, without doing any Settings to use computers without the cable network to launch wireless WiFi signal, enabling, Pad and other terminal to realize wireless Internet access.Currently only supports Windows 7 and Windows version, before the temporary does not support Windows and Mac OS 8.Use "360 take WiFi"There is a must, the premise of must have a computer can surf the Internet.

360 wifi with the problem of how to set the password.When the user bought 360 portable wifi, can go to the website to download the official driver 360 portable wifi.After installed, 360 portable wifi will automatically create a random password wifi signal.Of course, the user can freely modify the wifi password.

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