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360 secure routing P1 can not do the Internet after using the WISP function

2018-01-05 09:00:59

360 security routing P1 use WISP functions can't surf the Internet to do after

360 security routing P1 WISP function can't surf the Internet after the solution is as follows:

1 open after the WISP, needs to wait for 1-2 minutes, can the connection is successful.

2. Identify the main by P1 and whether to use the same gateway address, WISP functional requirements and P1 use different segment of the main gateway address, if you are using the same network segment, P1 gateway address changes and retry WISP (modified method: the web management interface The router Settings Modify the router address Amend the IP address to and by the IP address of the different segments of the main road).

3. Restart by and P1 of the main road.

4. Check the main set by whether the MAC address filtering, if set, allow the user to cancel the filtered and try again.

360 security routing P1 antenna adopted patented PCB + brass oscillator is a integrated structure, maximum limit reduce the loss of gain.This kind of antenna or after all shielding laboratory set-up precision and the production of high precision, let each antenna can achieve the best fit effect.

360 security routing P1 adopted double color yellow ash to distinguish between WAN and LAN, and interface USES 8 pin structure, internal data transfer speed is more stable, and cheap routers using only four needles on market structure.The firmware, 360 security routing P1 adopted a Winbond (Winbond) Flash memory chips, capacity of 8 MB.

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