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360 secure routing P1 wireless terminals search for no wireless signal

2018-01-05 16:55:26

360 security routing P1 wireless terminals search less than

wireless terminal wireless signal is less than the wireless signal, can from four points likely to troubleshoot: operating system Settings, wireless network card, wireless router, compatibility problems.

operating system setup problem

. Wireless card switch is not open.Most laptop with a built-in wireless card have wireless function switch.

2. Whether the wireless network connection is disabled, such as the disabled, open wireless network (opening method: network and sharing center To change the adapter configuration Right-click wireless network connection Enabled).

3. Wireless service is not open;Management Services and applications Service WirelessZero Configuration, open it.

4. The XP wireless card attributes I did not check with Windows configuration wireless network ".

wireless network card problem, update the network card driver

(master can install 360 driver, check card updated after installation, update the wireless network card driver).

2, wireless network card driver installation is not correct (through the device manager or the wireless network card light, uninstall and reinstall the wireless card latest original driver drive).

wireless router problem

. Confirm whether the WiFi switch open (computer LAN cable to connect to the router gray, browser input luyou. 360 cn login web management interface, click router Settings WIFI Settings The wireless network status Open).

2. Open the WiFi time switch, search is less than the wireless signal of WiFi in the closed state.Compatibility issues


router channel is set to not commonly used 12, 13 channel, but the wireless devices do not support, 12, 13 channel leads to set up the search less than wifi (solution: modify the channel for general channel 1 to 11).

2. The SSID contain special characters, few nic to the special characters resolving problems.

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