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360 security firewall upgrade, 22-layer three-dimensional protection to create the most stringent de

2018-01-26 12:06:32

In for the global Internet users, 2017 is a year full of smoke, WannaCry, Petya, Bad Rabbit blackmail virus outbreak in succession, such as in the face of this situation of network security, and domestic Internet users habit of active defense consciousness weak, 360 lead to build the most tightly against blackmail matrix.

2017 and you smoke battlefield 360 against blackmail blackmail virus resistance matrix force 12,

5 month WannaCry global outbreak, more than 150 countries around the world, such as Britain, Italy, Russia broke out WannaCry blackmail virus attacks, including education, business, medical, power, energy, banking, transportation, etc industries.In such an emergency situation, 360 with five targeted defense technology as a fundamental, in order to blackmail "the service" and "decrypt master" two mission for the core, to help people build a close an all-round extortion defence matrix.

360 exclusive launch of "extortion" service, if open the 360 security guards, still blackmail virus infection, can apply for ransom payments, by 360 the blackmail service as much as possible to reduce the economic loss;In addition, 360 launched the world's largest extortion virus decryption tool "decrypt master", crack nearly hundred kinds of blackmail virus, for the recipient to restore important data, and so on.Figure 1,

 open 360 against blackmail services, which can effectively protect the document from the encrypted Trojan destroyed

under the 360 closely guarded against blackmail matrix, install, and users of 360 security guards, during a pandemic WannaCry none.22,

security firewall escalating layer three-dimensional all-round protection to protect the network security,

besides WannaCry PC new blackmail 2017 strains of 2017 kinds, at least more than 4.72 million computers across the country was attacked by the virus.According to the related data statistics of 360, in the first quarter of 2017, blackmail virus new varieties increased 4.3 times than the same period last year, as much as 60% of malicious attacks will eventually point to blackmail the virus.For every emergency, 360 security guards have prompt response measures, active defense capability is the key to the door of a good network security.,

figure 2:1 - October 2017 domestic blackmail software attack posture,

in 2017, 360 security protection system upgrade continuously, comprehensive build layer 7 system protection, protective layer 7 entrance, 7 layer browser protective barricade in the integration of 22 layer and layer 1 stereo protection, including DNS protection, anti blackmail virus protection, U disk security protection, ghost Trojan defense killing loopholes, server security, intrusion protection, leak repair mode, defensive play window, such as the eight areas a comprehensive upgrade, speed defense response, building protective system is the present domestic most closely.Figure 3,

safety protection system upgrade to 22 layers of stereoscopic protection, 

will be based on the judgement of the active defense technology combined with the cloud query file security level, 360 active defense technology innovation to build the scene defensive scheme, to simulate the virus invasion of various scenarios, targeted to interceptor levels and defensive strategy.In the entrance to the protection, new DNS protection mechanism can prevent hackers illegal hijacking DNS tamper with the network address, the default browser home page, effectively prevent malicious behavior of network security threat to users.

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