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360 security routing P1 how? 360 security routing P1 easy to use?

2018-02-09 12:05:16

How about 360 security routing P1

360 security routing P1 board adopted common green PCB, in addition to the network transformer and power part of components adopt the splicing process, the rest of the original of SMT process (including LED) has been adopted, running so the mainboard looks clean and neat, and also gives the internal thermal dissipation space has been considerable.

to counter the problem of how about 360 security routing P1, 360 security routing P1 with Realtek RTL8196D processor (Realtek) brand, framework for the MIPS, frequency is 620 megabits per second.Memory, 360 security routing used a DDR particles of ESMT P1, capacity is 64 MB, cooperate RTL8196D processor can completely meet the family users.

360 security routing P1 antenna adopted patented PCB + brass oscillator is a integrated structure, maximum limit reduce the loss of gain.This kind of antenna or after all shielding laboratory set-up precision and the production of high precision, let each antenna can achieve the best fit effect.

360 security routing P1 adopted double color yellow ash to distinguish between WAN and LAN, and interface USES 8 pin structure, internal data transfer speed is more stable, and cheap routers using only four needles on market structure.The firmware, 360 security routing P1 adopted a Winbond (Winbond) Flash memory chips, capacity of 8 MB.Security routing P1 to use


360 all wireless router, 360 security routing P1 feeder in the motherboard connection is to use manual welding, plus the use of lead-free solder, solder joint is irregular, therefore not smooth level off is normal.In order to maximize reduce signal interference, 360 security routing P1 board adopted multi-layer PCB wiring, feeder welding plate adopted patented compatible antenna welding and thimble test of common welding plate structure, and large areas of bonding pad can make stronger solid solder joints.The inside of the red circle is the material condition of bonding pad, dense phobia patients look carefully.

360 security routing P1 USES a Realtek Realtek RTL8192CE wireless module, support the IEEE 802.11 n wireless standards, wireless highest speed is 300 megabits per second, and use the 2 x2 MIMO multichannel transceiver technology, not only enhance the capacity of wireless channel, and can also make the wireless signal transmission speed and stability are improved.

in addition, the pan on the black metal plate can not afford to ignore, because this is not only the weight of 360 security routing P1 module, can also through the gray thermal pad for CPU heat dissipation.

360 security routing P1?360 security routing P1, besides necessary capacitance and inductance and components in the power outlet is equipped with two patch type insurance resistance (0 ohm two little black block), can avoid the power suddenly rose sharply, damage to the circuit to the greatest extent to ensure that the motherboard for safety.

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