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360 signal amplifier how to use

2018-01-18 17:25:11

360 wifi expander were introduced in this paper (amplifier) setting method.360 wifi extender can be used to extend your wireless router wifi signal coverage, such as installed a wireless router in the sitting room, but the wifi signal is very poor in the bedroom, at this point you can install 360 wifi expander in the bedroom, to expand the effect of the wifi signal coverage.Specific introduce for everybody below 360 wifi expander set method.The first step in

to 360 wifi power supply is connected the USB head expander, inserted in the mobile phone charger, or other can provide USB devices, and keep the antenna for vertical.You can refer to the following diagram.

the second step, connecting expander wifi

the use of mobile phones, tablet or a laptop computer, search to connect to the wifi 360 expanders default wireless signal (the default name of the wireless signal format for: 360 wifi - Plus - XXXXXX).

pay attention to the problem: 360 wifi expander by default there is no wifi password by default and click to connect.

the third step, open the Settings page

mobile phone, tablet or laptop, connect wifi 360 expanders default signals, generally will automatically open the browser, pop-up Settings page.

if you do not pop up, you can manually input in your browser's address bar: or luyou. 360. Cn, open the Settings page, click "Began to set up ".In

the fourth step, the expansion of wireless signal

"The name of the WiFi "Choose the need to extend the name of the wireless router wireless signal, --->In "WiFi password "Enter the password is extended signal --->Click "The next step ".

warm prompt: the name of the wireless signal and wireless signal password, must be wireless home wireless router name and password, and be sure to input right, otherwise you will not expand the wifi signal.Step 5, set up 360

wifi expander wifi

set 360 wifi expander "The name of the WiFi ", "WiFi password "--->Click "Complete ".

warm prompt: (1), the wifi name and password can be set with the wireless router is the same, so it can realize wireless wifi roaming;Of course you can also set up other.

(2), here we can also set the expander login password is consistent with the wifi password, next time when we log in 360 expanders, you need to enter login password, the password for the wifi password;Of course you can also remove the tick, set the password to others.Step on step 6, reconnect the wifi

click "Complete ", mobile phone or laptop wireless connection is disconnected, because just now we gave 360 expander set up "The name of the WiFi ", "WiFi password ".The mobile phone, tablet, notebook and so on need to search has just set up wifi name, then enter the wifi password to connect the Internet.

added: it is recommended that put 360 wifi expander in the wireless router with the original signal is weak area in the middle of the position.We can also by looking at the 360 wifi expander on the location of indicator to judge whether reasonable.

(1), the three light blue normally on at the same time, according to extend signal success, put the position best.

(2), 2 light blue normally on at the same time, according to extend signal success, put the position is more reasonable.

(3), 1 light blue normally on at the same time, according to extend signal success, put the position is not reasonable.

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