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360 smart camera how to see on the computer [Details]

2018-01-12 10:28:36

with the progress of social science and technology development, a lot of things in life are realizing the Internet, and can be monitoring by remote operation.360 of them intelligent cameras will implement the open mobile phone can monitor one second to the idea of home, so, 360 smart camera can see on the computer?And how to use it?Below to see together!

a, 360 smart camera can see it on the computer,

360 is a smart camera doesn't need a computer connection, direct use of wi-fi networking smart home products, mobile phone APP, you can remote view home anytime and anywhere, voice calls, with family also supports video sharing, alarm, etc.After 360 intelligent camera PC personal version online, on the computer can also see her guard.The PC personal version of the launch, meet the needs of millions of users mobile computers at the same time guarding.

second, 360 smart camera installation method,

1, the first to a network diagram and the reader can network according to the network diagram.

figure slightly rough, but the basic topology is such, 360 smart camera must be connected to the network, can at the other end of the network by 360 households guards to check the monitor screen.

2, 360 smart camera networking need light to cooperate, here introduce 360 smart camera first.

3, install 360 household guards first mobile phone APP, can scan qr code to download specification, and also can be downloaded by 360 website.After

4, installed APP need binding camera, in the home guard APP select add cameras.Note that the top is to add local camera, here is to add Shared camera.Generally choose local camera.

5, the system will issue a voice prompt, requires us to view the camera if the current green light flashing, right click on the button below to select "Green light is flashing "Line

6, followed by a more critical step, need to remove the instructions inside pages with a small metal thimble, insert it into the back of a camera "Set"Holding hole, until he heard "Di "A ring, and then click on the bottom of the APP "Hear a chime ".

7, the APP will ask you for the later use WIFI SSID and password, then a "Send sound "After the test button, click on the general will prompt success, then hear the camera out a scream "Receiving ultrasonic information successfully, please click on the next step "Even after the voice prompt recognition is done.But at this point, you will find the light on the camera began to blue.

8, you can add a description to the intelligent camera is convenient.

9, set up, after the completion of your 360 smart camera can normal use.

3, 360 camera and millet camera which good


both use 12 v USB power supply, the ant is a classic design of similar Dropcam Pro, concise and easy, with harmonious collocation, household products and small ants can will remove the single hidden camera subject, suitable for as home security surveillance cameras.

and 360 is the cartoon water modelling, is like a pin on the map.There are five kinds of color optional, the plastic material aspects as feeling a bit stronger.360 the advantage of can adjust 360 degrees view direction, and the base with magnet, can adsorption in the refrigerator, heating pipe and other iron objects.In addition, 360 flip vertical function of support to monitor screen, so you can inversion hoisting in the roof.But due to design, 360 microUSB line pull more troublesome, and small ants, there is no this problem.Function of

from the website information shows that small ant frame is about 111 degrees or so, and the frame of 360 is 100 degrees;Both need to download the mobile client, the small ant is "Millet intelligent family "APP, use the millet account login, and 360 is "Throughout 360 smart camera &;APP, using 360 account login;In use for the first time, all need to be done step by step according to the prompt of the APP's Settings, by contrast, a small ant Settings are more simple, a few steps to complete, and 360 is more complicated.But in 360 has voice prompt in each step, you can be set up according to the voice that is complete.

the APP on the use of both felt millet is more concise and automatic intelligent family, all functions are concentrated on the level of main interface;While 360 need to switch between four interface.The small ant's default video resolution is standard definition, in low light environment, shooting is black and white video;And 360 is the default super clear, this estimate is related to the server, the ant in order to guarantee the fluency of the video, select a lower resolution.Before viewing video function contrast, small ant is more convenient, direct display in the bottom of the screen;While 360 more "Hidden ", you need to click the icon to enter a clock on the right side of screen interface.

and 360 small ants can through the network to upgrade the camera firmware, but 360 upgrade longer, even for several minutes, even let you worry about whether the upgrade failed;The monitoring of both LED lights also can be put out, the little ant can be closed by a setting in the APP, and 360 is ambient light camera intelligent detection, when the camera's environment dark, will automatically lights put out, some view to light up.Before

in motion capture, video recording, and the light change adaptation (i.e., guarding the monitoring functions) is a leading small ants, but after 360 in the updated version, the function is perfect, but in the video of automatic photo above, server or with a delay, when in the test found that pictures taken the day before yesterday, today to push into the mobile phone.In addition,

360 in the APP and a "Water droplets broadcast "Function, is look at user Settings to become "Public cameras "The 360 camera, this feature added to 360 smart camera playability.


people feel in the home use scene, smart camera main usage scenario is the following two kinds: for users that rent a house, smart cameras can be used for security monitoring;For the pets and children at home users, smart cameras can be used to check the condition of pets and children.Main or let the user feel comfortable and warm.For these two points,

and 360 different small ants.The advantage of small ants can accurately detected and intelligent indoor sports, video, and automatically according to the timeline arrangement is stored in the TF card or among local cloud.The biggest can support 32 gb TF card, the official suggested that minimum with 8 gb or more.TF card's price is very cheap now, 32 gb, but a few dollars, so you can directly buy the biggest.And local cloud need with millet router support, so that users can be from the mobile phone anytime and anywhere by date call before shooting video, very convenient.

360's advantage lies in real-time monitoring view, its quality is better than the small ants and frame rate (may be associated with the server), and under the weak light environment more clearly.(updated: 360 among new released recently, support the function of automatic card record, support 1 gb - 128 gb TF card, a new face detection function, when images of characters automatically take pictures, and solved the problem due to changes in the light of false positives).

to summarize

small ant frame to greater than 360, the image quality of 360 looks better;Interactions, the small ant operation more simple, but there are 360 voice prompt function;Functional aspects;Small ants automatic video recording is very practical, and filling equipment support millet.Again, you can choose according to their own needs.At the time of deadline, the two products have the spot, and buy small ant send another 8 gb Sandisk TF card, can record the video about 5 hours.

360 smart camera?Refer to the above mentioned content.360 the emergence of the smart camera improved people's quality of life, and the price is materially beneficial, seductive.Above is IT decorates platform brings all of the information science, if you want to learn more about knowledge and experience of household is decorated, please pay attention to IT an decorating household micro letter (micro signal: to8to282).

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