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4G phone is used as a way to set up a router

2018-02-02 15:03:18

4 g is implemented, the function is more advanced than the 3 g band utilization rate is higher, faster, the highest download speed of more than 80 m BPS.If your mobile phone when a router, let the other terminal by WLAN Shared 4 g networks, its significance and convenience.More than

android 4.0 actually offer mobile phone as the function of the router, as long as the simple can be used after setting.

1, click "Set up "- ""More "

2, click "Network sharing and portable hot

3, chose portable WLAN hotspot on

4, configure WLAN hotspot after

set enable hotspot, WLAN instructions automatically shut down, the router Settings.Open 4 g (3 g) networks, while the other terminals through setting for WLNA just set hot spot, set the password, you can share the Internet.

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