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4G wireless network card which easy to use, 4g wireless network card usage [Detailed]

2018-01-15 15:58:45


4 g card is currently widely used wireless wide area communication network the Internet medium.At present our country with China mobile and China telecom CDMA2000 and td-scdma China unicom's WCDMA three network system, so the common wireless card including CDMA2000 wireless card and three types of td-scdma and WCDMA wireless card.So, which use 4 g wireless Internet card?How to use 4 g wireless Internet card?

card 】 【 4 g 4 g wireless card which use 4 g wireless card how to use the

4 g wireless Internet card which use

in terms of coverage, at present, only China mobile has 4 g signals, specific which position has covered, and consulting 10086. Mobile network is stable, mobile 4 g using our own technology, covers more than 70% cities in China, and in the case of no 4 g signal, automatically slide for the 3 g signal.Speed of

China unicom (7.2 M), telecommunications (3.1 M), mobile (2.8 M), these are all theoretical download speed.

how to choose and buy 4 g card, certainly than the price in the first place.Telecommunications, mobile or unicom, the cost of the card is not low, if just look at the news, and qq, email, then choose a basic monthly package is ok, if it is need to see a movie, download software, will need to choose a big flow.

4 g wireless Internet card how to use

to 4 g wireless Internet, need to buy a wireless device and a 4 g phone card, can get to the Internet!Internet devices: a thing, like a U disk is cato, can insert UIM card (rates), inserted the rate card in the card, insert the card into the computer USB interface, built-in equipment have driver, insert will automatically install the client, after installed, you will have a double-click the icon on the desktop, you can click on the link.

wireless devices of the more popular now and take the WIFE, is a mini portable routing.Only need to put the card into, computers, mobile phones can be wirelessly connected to the network.

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