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5 move teach you put Router, WiFi signal instantly get better!

2018-01-26 14:13:49

Mu Meng wood feel more and more slow

Some people think there is a problem with the WiFi box

But in fact, the wrong router placed

is also a great relationship Oh small shift to teach you a few moves to see ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ p>

WiFi signal emitted radio wave is actually

General is only about 12 cm so the distance from the router the signal will be relatively slow To be weaker

Want to keep the WiFi signal strong?

The location of the router is particularly important.

We've listed a few tips for routers.

Spend a penny to speed up WiFi signals in your home

01 router placed in the most central position of the home

Such a router can transmit signal strength 

Some people think it's messy outside

Will put the router in the closet

I do not know just the door will block out part of the signal

03Best place to put router

Just look at the farthest point of view

Most routers

Antenna composition Antenna to be upright if two

Another antenna should be yawed

04 When you use your computer or cell phone

When they are parallel with the router antenna

Internet speed is absolutely leveraged because most laptops < / p>

Built-in antenna is horizontal

When using this type of electronic products

Product Placement

Operation The effect will be better 05 If you think it is a router problem

You can also test the signal strength

On the phone Download WiFi-specific test App

Another location a location measurement

You can know where the router is placed WiFi signal is best

Small friends got it?

Quickly go home and see

Get WiFi friends

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