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ADSI Editor How to Set a Password

2018-07-24 14:04:57

This is a high-level article for high-end players. Take the fr.zhongtian.com domain as an example. “ Start → Run ” Enter ADSIEdit to open the ADSI editor. Then expand the default naming context [WIN-13VNNRJ6FIP.fr.zhongtian.com] →DC=fr,DC=zhongtian,DC=com→CN=System” navigate to CN=Password Settings Container; then click on this node Right-click and select "New" and "rarr; object" in the pop-up dialog box, select the "msDS-PasswordSettings" category, click "Next" in the cn properties dialog box, enter the "value" & rdquo; -pso”(Any). Then all the way "Next" according to the wizard to customize the password strategy. The specific settings, meanings, and values ​​are:

(1).msDS-PasswordSettingsPrecedence, set the priority of the password policy. The smaller the value, the higher the priority. Set it to "“10”;< /p>

(2).MSDS-PasswordReversibleEncryptionEnabled, set whether to enable “ store password with reversible encryption ” policy, its value is a Boolean value, select FALSE or TRUE, here we set to “ FALSE”;

(3).msDS-PasswordHistoryLength, corresponds to the “ forcing password history ” in the group policy, the optional range is 0-1024, we set it to 12;

(4).msDS-PasswordComplexityEnabled, corresponding to “ password in the group policy must meet the complexity requirements & rdquo;, is also a Boolean value, we set to ""TRUE";

(5).msDS -MinimumPasswordLength, set the minimum password length to 10;

(6).msDS-MinimumPasswordAge, set the minimum password for the period of 1:00:00:00 (1 day);

(7).msDS-MaximumPasswordAge, setting the password for the most common use period of 2 0:00:00:00 (20 days);

(8).msDS-LockoutThreshold, set the account lockout threshold to 3 (range 0-65535);

( 9).msDS-LockoutObservationWindow, set to reset the account lockout counter to 0:00:30:00 (30 minutes);

(10).msDS-LockoutDuration, set the account lockout time to 0:00:30 : 00 (30 minutes).

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