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ADSL dial-up software installation methods, ADSL dial-up software setup steps

2018-01-12 16:00:27

ADSL dial-up software installed?ADSL dial-up software Settings?

ADSL dial-up software installation and configuration of the computer network of

ADSL software Settings can be divided into the following several steps: each

1, installation and setup of network card

due to the ADSL Modem is connected through the network card and computer, so need to install before installation of ADSL Modem network card, network card can be 10 m m adaptive or 10/100.Should be as shown: after the installation is complete

note installation must have the TCP/IP protocol, generally use the default configuration of TCP/IP, don't set a fixed IP address to make their own decisions.Recommended set as shown in the figure below

2, download and install the PPPoE virtual dial-up software,

3, PPPoE software set

is the most commonly used PPPoE software based on Windows operating system has the following a few, they are all fully support Windows98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

enternet300: by the Efficient development of Networks.It is independent of the PPP protocol, can not rely on the operating system.Such as Windows of dial-up networking connection ISP to directly drive the network card, so it is the most common and popular PPPoE software, several very large ISP, such as France telecom, China telecom is using it.

winpoet: by WindRiver development, the company is also a PPPoE protocol is one of the authors.It needs the PPP dial-up protocol by the operating system itself to support the complete PPPoE connection, also is many isps PPPoE software preferred.

raspppoe: is a free software developed by individuals.It small, hard working, does not have its own interface and connection program, just a protocol driver, depend entirely on the standard dial-up networking connection to cooperative work ISP, it completely and on using the old MODEM as simple.It is actually the EnterNet, use the same, just with BELL Canada ISP Sympatico logo, and have modified slightly.http://user.cs.tu-berlin.de/~normanb/Access Manager

due to an ISP PPPoE software may be different, let me introduce Enternet300, friends WinPoET, RASPPPoE method of installation and debugging.If unsatisfied with ISP provided, of course, the software also can be used interchangeably.

Enternet300 】 【 under the guidance of the installation wizard can quickly complete the installation work, it will be added in the system of the network to complete a virtual PPPoE network adapter CARDS and ADSL ISP connection.To run the program according to the wizard to easily set up their own Internet file (Create New Profile).Wizard first need you to enter the name of the file online is convenient to distinguish between the use of services, then enter login name and password, it should be noted is at the time of input the user name, due to the particularity of ADSL technology need to specify the login and use the services, so the user name format generally use the following format: user account @ service project name (ISP may differ with the different), click next to see the ISP services provided by the project list, choose according to need.

service projects list are hardware installed correctly, ADSL have synchronization into the ISP network Enternet program to automatically.

to establish a complete run directly establish good Internet files into the information highway.

in the attachment, in Enternet system in the task bar shows a and ordinary dial-up networking connection after similar small ICONS, by right we can understand the current ADSL in the network a variety of network parameter information.If need to change the ADSL connection network properties, for example, in the system when equipped with multiple network card, which need to change the ADSL MODEM and a network connection, can enter the Internet file attributes of the control panel to change accordingly.

a. Double-click the desktop "EnterNet throughout 300 &;.

b. Double-click the "Create New Profile"Icon.

c. In the event of a "The Connection Name"Dialog box type in the name of the identity connection, such as "Throughout 163 &;, press "The next step (N) >Throughout the &;.

d. In the event of a "User Name and Password"Dialog input user name and password.

e. In the next step to choose connect ADSL network card.

f. dial-up networking Settings edge to complete at this time, the emergence of a new connection.In

g. Double click on the newly created connection "Throughout 169 &;, you can surf the Internet.

RASPPPoE 】 【 RASPPPoE completely according to network protocol to install and use, no installation program, so the installation process is different from the above, and installation method under Windows 98 and Windows 2000 is slightly different.

4, under the Windows 98 installation must be thoroughly before

we need to pay attention to is to install any PPPoE uninstall the original installation related software and in the operating system installed the Microsoft dial-up networking components, through online neighbors or control panel to enter "Network "Attribute Settings window, select "Add ", and then select "Agreement ", when choose what sort of deal window, choose from "Disk installation "The folder, and then to locate RASPPPoE, install the PPP over Ethernet Protocol, needs to be restarted after installation is complete Again, after the completion of launch into "Network "The properties window.Can check if no RASPPPoE correctly installed, normal circumstances should have the following items are added and binding on the card: the PPP over Ethernet Miniport→The PPP over Ethernet Protocol, NDISWAN - >The PPP over Ethernet Miniport, PPP over Ethernet Protocol - >(the name of the computer on the network card).

if you have multiple network card inside the computer, the agreement will be binding on it, after confirmed the connection piece of ADSL network card, can use "Delete "Remove the other don't need.Agreement was bound to check and correct installation can build virtual dial-up.

into RASPPPoE installation file in folder, perform RASPPPoE. EXE, if the system has multiple network card, you may need to select "Query the available PPP over Ethernet Services through Adapter"Project is used for connecting the ADSL network card, normally the project does not need to set Up, and then click the Query the Available Services button, list the ISP Services provided by the project, and select the required Service, select good Services after click the Create a Dial - Up Connection for the selected Service button, RASPPPoE will automatically generate a dial-up Connection, later use directly click the dial-up Connection, input the user name and password, completely and use normal MODEM dial-up Connection is the same.

5, the installation of Windows 2000,

to open the online neighbors, choose the connecting the ADSL devices on the network card "Local connection ", right into the properties panel, select "Installation ", and then select "Agreement "Mouth, when choose what sort of deal, choose from "Disk installation ", then positioning to where RASPPPoE folder, and finally determined that the installation process Windows will prompt many times "No digital signature ", we don't have to listen.Reboot after installation is complete, just like in the Windows 98 installation, check whether the correct installation of the necessary project and binding on the card.Set up the working process of the virtual dial-up and Windows 98 is the same, here is not here.

raspppoe like WinPoET, of network information in Internet dial-up networking is to provide, usage is identical to that of ordinary MODEM access to the Internet.If you use

RASPPPoE or WinPoET to get to the Internet, so report dial-up network connection speed must be excited you, up to 10000000 BPS.But don't think you really have so fast, the speed of this value is actually between CARDS and ADSL MODEM speed, between them using 10 base-t LAN protocols, 10000000 BPS is 10 MBPS, specific speed is provided by your ISP.ADSL speed is so fast, so actual effect?Because isps provide the rate of each district is different, I also say to download this much K per second, is to tell a fact, using ADSL download software, you don't have all the ants download tools, such as single is IE "File/save as "Command can let you of the progress bar brush to run.

described above three PPPoE software Enternet, WinPoET, RASPPPoE which better?They each has his strong point, Enternet set project is more, WinPoET and RASPPPoE use up more familiar and habits.After the test, they on the system resources of the footprint is about the same, for there was no difference of the actual speed, only Entenet and WinPoET is commodity software with the ISP to provide to the user, only RASPPPoE is free to download free software to use, so they are no better, with which a specific or anyone guess.

auxiliary software recommendation: ADSL overclocking Jones, the software for the ADSL speed

software, by modifying the registry, originally designed for PC system "Low speed "Access and set up the TCP/IP default parameters to the ADSL access PPPoE mode, the measured can be about double the download speed, and solved the problem of the ADSL browsing speed slow.

by the introduction of the above, the installation of ADSL and use you have to understand, then try to enter the highway, together to enjoy the movies online, online to listen to music, play games online and use to worry about Internet fee, telephone overruns, one word: cool!

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